Flaming Tyron Woodley vows for Sunday: “You’re going to see Jake Paul hurt himself in ways you never imagined”

The countdown is officially on to Tyron Woodley’s boxing debut on Sunday against Jake Paul, and it’s safe to say that Woodley is thrilled to finally get his hands on his polarizing nemesis.

“I’m just happy to be a part of it, but I’m not just here to participate,” said a fiery Woodley on Monday. MMA time. “I’m here to take control. And you’re going to see Jake Paul get hurt in ways you never imagined. He may not want to start over after that.

Woodley, 39, is set to face undefeated Paul live à la carte in an eight-round, 190-pound boxing match at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio.

Former UFC welterweight champion Woodley is the latest MMA fighter to be handpicked to box the 24-year-old YouTube star after Paul’s first-round knockout of Woodley’s teammate Ben Askren, in April. The event is set to be one of the biggest wins of Woodley’s career, and Woodley said on Monday he was ready to go. He noted that he felt more alert and more mentally prepared than he had been in years.

The lack of weight reduction has certainly helped matters in that regard – Woodley has reduced to 170 pounds throughout his run in the UFC. But the fact that Woodley also saw Paul make what he sees as rookie mistakes throughout the preparation for the fight by spreading too much in the media only boosted that confidence even more.

“I can’t wait to play the spoiler,” Woodley said. “I remember that when I was fighting Rory MacDonald [at UFC 174]. I was fighting Rory MacDonald in Vancouver, it was his hometown, and I was doing all the Integrated, all the videos, all the promotions. I had all these crazy sponsors, and I spent so much time and energy running [doing all of it]. He wouldn’t do interviews, he wouldn’t let anyone into his hotel room. He was locked in and focused. And even when the news came that in fact this fight is no longer the No. 1 contender fight, he still remained focused.

“It reminds me of the younger version of Tyron Woodley – what Jake Paul does. Everything that goes down the road watching other fighters, while putting the Furys in place to fight on this map, and “if then, if what is it”, and do all the extra media and all the extra bullshit * t. I’m just going to sit there and smile because I did it once. But I realized now as a GM, that I represent MMA, but I represent GM for real. Not the older guys, but the real people who are really up for something, who have really been around the block a few times and have war wounds to prove it.

“This is what I stand for,” Woodley continued. “And anyone who really likes it is going to love this performance. They are going to love those hands that go up above her head. And I didn’t believe the bullshit. I didn’t buy into the Disney stuff. I didn’t buy into the Disney stuff. didn’t buy into the drama or take extra pressure like he did. He’s got so much pressure on him. And I’ll be looking to go out there and make an example and make a statement. “

Appearing on Monday’s show, Woodley spoke with all the air of an athlete who knew a secret the rest of the sport didn’t. He hinted at a potential game that may have been at stake with the information cores he released ahead of his August 29 date with Paul, and hinted at the idea that Paul might have been induced. mistaken about aspects of Woodley’s camp and preparation in an effort not to frighten Paul.

“I’m smart too. He’s not the only smart one, ”said Woodley. “When you see [my video blog] ‘Champ Camp’ outing on Saturday, when it’s too late after the weigh-ins, you’ll see what I really did. What you saw is glitter, it’s salt. When you see the destruction and the fucking training and the mentality and the coaching and running every day, all the terrains, the hills, the speeds, the adjustments, the different altitudes, it’s going to be too late for him to retire of this fight. And that’s why, at the beginning, I said that I wanted a “no bitch out” clause. Because I knew if he saw how hard I hit and how awesome my mind is for this sport – any combat sport – my IQ and just the coaches, [that he might back out].

“I let him think I was bouncing,” Woodley continued. “I just took my daughter to school for her first day of first grade. I haven’t seen them for three months. I have been in Miami the entire time. I let him think I was in LA, Vegas, but [my team] were with me. They trained me in Miami. So I was super focused, super locked up, and now the cat has no hat and this kid is going to get his cap knocked over. And as young children say, no cap.

Woodley admitted that he was initially concerned that Paul would question himself after realizing what he signed up for and that he was giving up as the date approached.

But now? That time is long gone.

“It’s too late. He’s going to be the biggest bitch in the bitch industry if he retires from this fight now,” said Woodley. “So now I can speak for real. Now I can. say what we were really doing Now I can show you guys Come on Saturday if you don’t subscribe to me on YouTube subscribe Saturday I’m breaking the internet.

“I promise you it’s going to be the internet disruption. This whole camp has been a movie.

“If he tried to shoot a COVID-19 [and pull out now], I come to his hotel and put a cotton swab in his nose and I’m going to do it for seven tests, ”added Woodley. “I want to see radios. I want to see an ultrasound. I want the doctor to produce the [positive test] to me personally. Because he doesn’t quite understand how hard I hit and the certainty of landing and seeing him before it happens. It is not something that a training partner in Puerto Rico can flaunt, emulate, and perpetrate.

Unlike Askren, Woodley was known as a puncher with fierce killing power during his time in the UFC. He’s had seven knockouts over the course of his MMA career, including Robbie Lawler’s first-round stoppage at UFC 201 that earned Woodley the welterweight title.

When asked for a prediction, Woodley vowed to knock Paul out thunderously. He said he plans to use the patience and cunning that carried him through his three-year title reign, but also that he will focus on separating Paul from consciousness with every stroke of the world. fist that he will throw from the opening bell.

And he hasn’t forgotten the bet Paul offered him either. At a pre-fight press conference in July, Paul and Woodley agreed that the loser in their fight would get a tattoo on their body to proclaim their affection for the winner. Woodley is willing to give Paul a takedown to avoid the embarrassing ink, but the YouTuber will still have to pay some other way.

“I’m going to let him negotiate,” Woodley said. “If he doesn’t want to get a tattoo, he’ll have to buy me a nice bag because that was his bet.” So we can stop him for a bag. Either get a tattoo or donate money and donate it to my charity.

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