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Fight Circus CEO Jon Nutt takes part in a bizarre 1-on-2 MMA fight

Fight Circus CEO Jon Nutt competed in a bizarre 1-on-2 MMA fight at Fight Circus 4 in Phuket, Thailand on Sunday. Nutt faced MMA champions Symmetrical Bank and No Money in a handicap match setting shaped by professional wrestling.

After losing to former UFC featherweight contender Will Chope in November 2021, the pair made a convincing return to the winners’ column by defeating Nutt in the main event.

The fighters engaged in wild exchanges from the start, with the MMA champions Symmetrical teaming up to defeat Nutt. Nutt, who also hosted the show last weekend, did his best to inflict damage on his opponents. However, the promotion’s CEO was caught with a left hook, and the pair stormed off with a barrage of punches, forcing the fight to a halt.

Watch the highlights of the fight below:

The event also featured other extravagant events like Indian leg wrestling, high-low and boardroom brawls. In another event called Siamese Kickboxing, two kickboxers teamed up to take on another team while being joined by an oversized t-shirt.

Check out the full map below:

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MMA Fans React To Bizarre Fight Circus Event; urge Dana White to try

Combat sports fans have been left completely baffled by the Fight Circus event which ended two weeks ago. Several fans took to Twitter to react to the event. The event was aptly called Fight Circus IV: Send Lawyers, Guns and Money and took place in Phuket, Thailand. It was broadcast live on Fite TV.

Fans couldn’t contain their excitement and took to Twitter to pitch the idea of ​​UFC President Dana White competing in a similar setting. Heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou and two-time light heavyweight champion Jon Jones are embroiled in a contract dispute with the UFC. One fan put forward the idea that they are fighting:

“Dana vs. Ngannou vs. Jones”

Another fan wrote:

“I would spend a disgusting amount of money to watch Dana White 1 on 2 literally two fighters on the UFC roster.”

@RealPressMMA @FightCircus I would spend a disgusting amount of money to watch Dana White 1 on 2 literally two fighters on the UFC roster

Several fans urged Dana White to try this bizarre idea:

“Dana White should do it.”

Another fan wrote:

“It’s actually kind of fun. Can we ever see @danawhite against two lightweights?”

Check out some of the best reactions below:

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