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From the field of 33 riders for glory to the epic party on the field and the creation of memories that will last a lifetime, come watch the 106th race of the Indianapolis 500 presented by Gainbridge. Click here to reserve your place and buy tickets.

The 2022 Indy 500 takes place on Sunday, May 29 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Speedway, Indiana. Our live coverage of the Indy 500 begins at 11:00 a.m. ET on NBC and ends at 4:00 p.m. ET. Viewers can also stream the event on the NBC Sports app and

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See below for more information on how to purchase tickets for the 2022 Indy 500.

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How to watch the 2022 Indy 500:

  • When: Sunday May 29
  • Or: Indianapolis Motor Speedway at Speedway, Indiana.
  • Weather: Live coverage begins at 11 a.m. ET
  • Watch: NBC
  • To buy tickets: Click here to purchase tickets to attend.
  • Direct: NBC Sports app and

How many fans will be allowed to attend the Indy 500?

For the first time in three years, the Indy 500 will be at full capacity with the lifting of restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year there were 135,000 fans allowed in the 230,000-seat stands.

The infield was also reopened to fans. The Snake Pit festival will return on race day with a roster of EDM superstars in concert that includes Martin Garrix, Galantis, Steve Aoki and deadmau5.

For tickets to the Snake Pit Festival, Indy 500, Carb Day Miller Lite concert, or any practice and qualifying, click here to reserve a seat.

How many laps and how long is the Indy 500?

The race is 500 miles over 200 laps. Depending on the number of yellow flags, the Indy 500 typically takes around 3 hours to complete (give or take 30 minutes).

There will be no restrictions for this year’s event, which will also benefit from the pre-race Carb Day and Snake Pit concerts that have been absent for the past three years.

When are the qualifications for the Indy 500?

The 33-car field for the Indy 500 will be defined over the May 21-22 weekend before the race. Scott Dixon is the reigning Indy 500 poleman, qualifying first at The Brickyard for the fourth time in his career.

May 21: Training, 9am-10.30am, Peacock Premium; Indy 500 qualifying, noon-5:50 p.m., Peacock Premium

May 22: Last Chance Training, 11:30am-12:30pm, Peacock Premium; Top 12 practice, 12:30 p.m.-2 p.m., Peacock Premium; Last Chance Qualifiers, 2-3 p.m., Peacock Premium; Top 12 Qualifiers, 4 p.m., NBC; Indy 500 Firestone Fast Six, 5:10 p.m., NBC.

Don’t miss any action, click here to find the 2022 IndyCar schedule information, start times, highlights, videos and more.

‘He wasted his life’: Veteran defense attorneys weigh Cain Velasquez’s chances in court Sun, 15 May 2022 13:00:00 +0000

Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez is facing several legal hurdles to avoid a significant prison sentence in his attempted murder case, according to legal experts.

Velasquez’s best chance may be to reach a plea deal or, in the event of a trial, push for a hung jury that forces a new trial, multiple experts say.

Although many Velasquez supporters point to the victim Velasquez intended as the cause of the alleged crime, lawyers say the optics of the case — a father taking justice on his own after being denied justice — may not matter in a courtroom.

“It’s not a complicated case,” veteran defense attorney Steve Cooley told MMA Fighting. “Anyone who says it’s nuanced because their motive was to get revenge on the [alleged] molesting someone he loved, that somehow mitigated – not really.

“There’s no defense of, ‘I got mad because he really hurt someone I loved.'”

Earlier this month, Velasquez’s plea hearing on a charge of attempted premeditated murder and other gun crimes was again delayed. He is accused of engaging in a high-speed chase and then firing a .40 caliber handgun at the truck carrying Goularte, who had recently been accused of assaulting a close relative of Velasquez, Goularte’s 63-year-old stepfather. Paul Bender and Goularte’s mother. During the alleged incident, Bender was injured twice by gunfire.

Velasquez remains in jail after a judge last month denied him bail, calling his case “allegations of extreme recklessness toward human life.” The ex-champion posted several statements on social media while incarcerated, showing his support for sexual assault survivor organizations and thanking his fans.

Since the circumstances surrounding the alleged incident became public, Velasquez supporters have praised the ex-champion’s actions and criticized the justice system for allowing Goularte to be released on his own recognizance after his initial arrest for lewd or lascivious acts with a child. under 14 years old.

Photo by Aric Crabb/MediaNews Group/East Bay Times via Getty Images


The biggest task for Velasquez’s attorneys is to take the premeditated murder charge off the table by presenting enough mitigating evidence to reach a plea deal.

“In other words, can you show that it was not premeditated, that it was done impulsively, without deliberation,” defense attorney Javier Rios said. “The first thing you’re trying to do is get it out of first degree murder, because first degree murder carries serious penalties.”

Velasquez faces life in prison if convicted of attempted premeditated murder, in addition to a 20-year enhancement for the use of a firearm in the alleged crime.

Medical records were cleared last month for the prosecution and defense, although details of the records were not released. Cooley believes the former heavyweight champion should be evaluated by a team of mental health professionals to rule out any immediate illness. Brain trauma from Velasquez’s previous career could also factor into his defense.

“He needs to be mentally evaluated by legitimate medical professionals…because something was wrong with him,” Cooley said.

A common defense in murder cases is to show that a defendant did not intend to kill a victim and was driven to act irrationally by the circumstances of a situation, possibly making him or her responsible for a lesser charge like manslaughter. Velasquez’s defense attorneys are likely to argue that Velasquez’s alleged actions came in response to Goularte’s alleged crime and that Velasquez was actually trying to defend his relative.

Among other things, the lawyers will have to explain why Velasquez would have acted when he did, several days after Goularte’s release from prison, and why the fighter would have armed himself.

“In this case, it’s tough, because he apparently showed some deliberation,” Rios said. “Getting the tools to try to kill someone, a prosecutor will typically use as circumstantial evidence that shows that person has a first degree mindset – deliberating what they were trying to do.”

“It doesn’t usually sound like someone reacting impulsively. He certainly has the characteristics of someone who knows what he wants to do, gets the tools for what he wants to do, and then sets out to do precisely what he set out to do.

Another complication is the fact that a party that does not appear to be linked to Goularte’s accusation – his father-in-law Bender – was seriously injured in the alleged incident.

“Even if a jury says, ‘We can understand anger and we can understand how it could cause a normally law-abiding person to react that way’, there really is no excuse for him shooting a car. and punches Mr. Bender,” attorney Alison Triessl said.

At the same time, Velasquez’s defense could attempt to channel public anger and use it as bargaining chips.

Cain Velazquez

Photo by Aric Crabb/MediaNews Group/East Bay Times via Getty Images


The ‘Free Cain Velasquez’ hashtag has become popular in the MMA industry, with fighters claiming the ex-champ did what he had to do to protect his family. Several even showed up in the courtroom. In interviews, they said they would have reacted the same if they were Velasquez.

Defense attorneys argue that no matter how bad Goularte’s alleged actions seem at the moment, he has not been convicted of a crime. (Goularte’s lawyer declared his client innocent and was forced into hiding following the charges and the Velasquez case.)

“If the public reaction is that the criminal justice system failed because someone is fighting his case and he got released, that doesn’t make sense to me,” Rios said. “When someone fights a case, they are presumed innocent. They weren’t convicted for anything. Zero, zip, nothing. So let’s assume this guy, the alleged victim, assumes he’s innocent of the child molestation. He defends his cause.

But for Velasquez, the negative publicity for the California justice system could work in Velasquez’s favor by discouraging prosecutors from going to court. In California, jury verdicts in a murder trial must be unanimous, and the composition of the jury could present a gamble for the state if it continues.

“I’m trying to convince a juror – because all you need is one – that what he did is understandable given that the criminal justice system let him down, and given this man, he believed he was going to continue to be a danger to children,” Triessl said.

A rare and controversial event is jury nullification, where a juror or jurors essentially decide that they disagree with a law and will not convict a defendant, although if found guilty, a judge can get them kicked out of court for not making a decision based on whether a law was broken.

“It depends on what they hear about the intended victim,” Cooley said. “Are they going to hear about the brutal details of the alleged assaults? What if he is found not guilty?

If a plea bargain fails and the case goes to trial, Cooley said prosecutors could try to keep evidence relating to Goularte’s trial out of sight. The supervising judge could also separate the questions and block jurors from hearing any information linking the charges against Velasquez to those of his alleged victim.

“In certain circumstances it could prevent bad things from being heard because there is no evidence that it happened, more prejudicial than probative, in the circumstances this is not a defense under the law “, said Cooley. “Therefore, it’s irrelevant. In all those circumstances, the judge can say, ‘I’m not going to hear that today.’ »

Cain Velasquez

Photo by Aric Crabb/MediaNews Group/East Bay Times via Getty Images


High-profile Velasquez attorney Mark Geragos has litigated dozens of celebrity cases with celebrities including Winona Ryder, Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and Colin Kaepernick, many with far more salacious allegations and under a microscope. much brighter media.

This time, Geragos and his associates must overcome Mr. Bender’s injuries, an alleged high-speed chase through the city streets, and the weapon used in the alleged crime, among other facts against Velasquez.

“It’s very difficult to see a full defense here,” Rios said. “Unless the alleged victim was armed with a weapon and attacked [Velasquez] first or threatened [Velasquez] first, what I haven’t seen, the case is looking more and more like one where you’re just trying to get the best deal possible.

The ex-champion arrived in court last month without any major charges on his record. He was considered a role model in the Latino community, a former champion, and was on the verge of restarting his professional wrestling career before the alleged incident. He signed “I love you” to his family members in the courtroom and made a heart shape with his hands.

Last fall, Velasquez spoke about his switch to psychedelics to heal decades of trauma and the loss of his mother and brother in 2019. He said the use of ayahuasca and 5-MeO- DMT had not only made him healthier, but had left him more grateful. of his development as a martial artist and a human being.

Velasquez’s character and journey will be on display in court, but the question is whether his impact will be seen before or after the verdict, when a potential sentence is handed down.

“If you can’t beat the charges, you’re just trying to get mitigation,” Rios said. “Perhaps the fact that the alleged victim, if they can in fact prove that he assaulted that loved one on the part of the accused, is arguably a mitigating one and perhaps that can be used to try to get [Velasquez] a better deal.

The real point of contention, according to multiple prosecutors, is how much Velasquez will pay for his actions when all is said and done. Legal experts doubt that Velasquez will come out of the case unscathed.

“It’s sad,” Cooley said. “He wasted his life. But you know what, it happens every day. … He wasted his life in a moment of spite, anger, uncontrolled emotion, thinking he could take justice into his own hands.

KP minister refuses to disclose distribution of development funds for districts – Pakistan Sat, 14 May 2022 06:10:30 +0000

PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Finance Minister Taimur Saleem Jhagra on Friday refused to share details of district development fund allocation with the provincial assembly, insisting it is not possible for the department to provide the information sought.

Responding to a question in the chamber, the minister also refused to provide details on the development funds allocated to members of the National Assembly and the Senate, saying that the funds were released for projects and not for personalities.

Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal member Inayatullah Khan had asked for a breakdown of funds allocated to districts, including tribal ones, for development projects.

The MPA, through a follow-up question, also asked the government to share details of the funds granted to MPs and Senators for development projects in their respective constituencies.

Tells the PA that ‘extended finance ministry mechanism does not review details of these allocations’

He complained that the ministry, in a written response, had provided a sectoral allocation of funds for development projects, which he said was a breach of the privilege of the august house.

In a supplementary question, Awami National Party MPA Bahadur Khan complained that a ruling party MP in Upper Dir district had received Rs 700 million for development projects, but he (Mr Bahadur) did not receive a single penny for this purpose.

The finance minister said his department had “its own extensive mechanism, which does not go into the details of development fund allocations by district”.

The opposition asked Vice-President Mahmood Jan, who was chairing the session, to refer the matter to the competent committee, but the minister objected. The President put the question to a vote which suffered a defeat.

MMA MP Rehana Ismail said the province’s debt stood at 97 billion rupees before Pakistan’s Tehreek-i-Insaf formed the provincial government.

She said the current government had borrowed 598.7 billion rupees from foreign multilateral donors over the past four years.

The finance minister said the provincial government has set up the Debt Management Unit, which includes professionals and oversees debt-related issues.

He said KP’s domestic debt was zero, with most loans being highly concessional with a “30-40 year amortized repayment profile with a 5-10 year grace period”.

Jhagra said the ministry would soon issue a new bulletin regarding the province’s debt.

He said development megaprojects cannot be executed without large capital outlays. The minister said the positive aspect of foreign funded projects like Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit is job creation.

Nighat Yasmin Orakzai, a member of the Pakistan People’s Party, called on the government to increase the salary of the Ombudsman for Harassment of Women in the Workplace as well as MPAs.

She said the incumbent mediator received a salary of 200,000 rupees every month which was not enough, while the mediators in Sindh and Punjab received more than 1.4 million rupees per month.

Minister Jhagra said the recommendations of the special committee on increasing the salary package for MPAs are awaiting the Chief Minister’s approval to be implemented.

Additionally, the unplanned and excessive power outages in Peshawar and other parts of the province echoed the assembly, with the provincial government blaming the federal government for causing major blackouts.

On a point of order, PTI member Fazal Elahi complained that the Peshawar Electric Supply Company had started load shedding for 12 to 18 hours a day in semi-urban and rural areas of Peshawar. He warned that if the Pesco did not improve the power supply and reduce load shedding by 10 a.m. on Saturday, people would occupy four network stations.

The finance minister agreed with his colleague’s view and said that the KP was facing a power shortage of 1400 MW.

He said Punjab had almost been exempt from load shedding, with KP and Balochistan bearing the brunt.

Mr Jhagra said the federal government had increased the electricity tariff three times in one month. He alleged that the federal government was inducting like-minded people onto the boards of electric utility companies.

During the session, the government introduced the Agricultural Research Institute Reforms Bill, the Food Fortification Bill, the Civil Servants (Amendment) Bill, the Medical Relief Endowment Fund (Repeal) Act and Medical Education Institutions Reforms (Amendment) Bill. The President then adjourned the meeting until May 30.

Posted in Dawn, May 14, 2022

UFC Vegas 54 game preview: best bets, parlays and long shot of the week Fri, 13 May 2022 21:00:00 +0000

Charges of very hectic UFC 274, the world’s premier MMA organization returns with a Fight Night Las Vegas follow-up card to keep the momentum going. In the main event, former light heavyweight champion John Blachowicz takes on one of the division’s top prospects, Aleksandar Rakic, in a fight that could have huge implications for the 205-pound title. Outside of the main event there is a little less name value but we still have 10 more fights on Saturday, with several good betting opportunities.

As always, every chance is courtesy of our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook.

Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Straight bets

Aleksandar Rakic, -195

In a world where the judges did their job well, Aleksandar Rakic ​​would be undefeated and have a lot more hype behind him. Instead, a split decision loss to Volkan Oezdemir leaves him a modest favorite over nearly 40-year-old Jan Blachowicz. Don’t get me wrong, Rakic ​​isn’t the best fighter in the world, but he may be the best light heavyweight, and he should be more than a match for the former champion here. He is younger, faster and keeps a higher pace than Blachowicz. Also, I like his low kicks to disrupt Jan’s rhythm and allow him to score steadily while Blachowicz spends the whole fight trying in vain to land his legendary Polish power.

Viviane Araujo-105

In what might be one of the most entertaining fights on the entire card, Araujo takes on Andrea Lee in a flyweight undercard bout that features a huge clash of styles. Lee is a solid fighter who does a bit of everything and works at a very high pace on her feet, but she’s not a great defensive fighter or grappler, and that’s where Araujo excels. Araujo will almost certainly be able to start her takedowns early, and from there I think she’ll build a lead that Lee can’t come back from.

UFC Fight Night: Grant vs. Yanez

Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Bets on accessories

Davey Grant/Louis Smolka Under 2.5 turns, -185

This bet was suggested to me by my co-host of the No Bets Barred podcast, Conner Burks, and I have to say, it won me over. Grant is a natural puncher on the feet, playing well against Smolka’s sometimes suspect chin, but he’s also a liability on the ground, having been submitted in four of his six career losses, something Smolka can take advantage of. Since returning to the UFC in 2018, Smolka has been a classic Get-Or-Get-Got fighter, alternating between wins and stoppage losses.

Katlyn Chookagian by Decision, +110

Death, Taxes and Katlyn Chookagian winning by decision – this has been the history of the flyweight division since Chookagian made her UFC debut in 2016. Chookagian is an elite fighter and one of the top weights flies on Earth, but she’s just not a grad. Ribas, on the other hand, is a very good fighter, but she’s also a natural strawweight. The size difference here will be very difficult for her to overcome, especially considering Chookagian’s ability to nullify the opponent’s attack. Ribas might be able to score some kills early on, but she’ll struggle to build lasting success, and all the while, Chookagian will be snacking and racking up points.

Angela Hill per Decision, +200

I don’t know what MMA god Angela Hill pissed off, but “Overkill” had one of the most unfortunate careers that wasn’t plagued by injury. In her last five fights, Hill has lost three by split decision, and in each of them she had a legitimate reason to feel robbed. Against Virna Jandiroba, a similar fate could befall her if she gives up too many takedowns, but Jandiroba is too wild on her feet and not a great wrestler. I think Hill can separate Jandiroba from a distance and avoid most holds, which should put her in line with ultimately get a win by decision.

UFC Fight Night: Soriano vs. Maximov

Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

bet of the week

Nick Maximov-380

Maximov is the biggest favorite on this card for a reason: he’s going to beat Andre Petroski. Maximov is far from a finished product and has obvious weaknesses, but the man is an excellent wrestler and grappler, and if he has nothing else on Saturday, that alone should get him the win. Petroski is also a grappler but he isn’t as good at it, after being ninja choked out by Bryan Battle on The ultimate fighter. Maximov should win comfortably.

Katlyn Chookagian /amanda ribas Go to decision, -225

In her 14 fights inside the octagon, Chookagian has never stopped an opponent and has only been stopped twice, against Valentina Shevchenko and Jessica Andrade. Ribas is a good fighter, but she doesn’t have the physical strength of these women. If this fight doesn’t make it to the final cards, that would be magnificent.

Viviane Araujo/Andrea Lee Over 1.5 rounds, -650

Araujo and Lee have combined 14 UFC fights between them. A bet over 1.5 rounds would have cashed each of those fights. Simply put, neither woman is a great finisher, and when they get them (or are stopped) it’s later in the fight after attrition has set in.

Multiply these three bets together for odds of +110.

UFC Fight Night: Mudaerji vs. Smolka

Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Long shot of the week

Louis Smolka by submission in round 1, +1500

As mentioned above, four of Davey Grant’s six losses have come by submission, and seven of Smolka’s 17 career wins have come by tapout. Don’t get me wrong, the most likely scenario this weekend is that Davey Grant lands a big shot early and takes Smolka away, but Grant isn’t the best finisher in the world and if he tries to force something too soon, Smolka may find himself taking an error in judgment from the England fighter.


UFC 274 was one of our worst weeks, having invested heavily in Rose Namajunas before she laid one of the biggest eggs of all time we’ve ever seen in a title fight. That, plus Shogun Rua and Marcos Rogerio de Lima, who made tough decisions against them, solidified an all-time bad night. But we’re moving on to the next one this week.

Good luck everyone and gamble responsibly!

All information in this article is provided to MMA Fighting readers for entertainment, news and amusement purposes only. It is the reader’s responsibility to learn and follow the online gambling laws in their area before placing sports bets online.

PFL boss hails league format for bringing ‘compelling product’ to MMA Fri, 13 May 2022 20:21:46 +0000


PFL CEO Peter Murray hopes the promotion’s unique league concept and focus on technology can make it a co-leader in MMA.

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Kayla Harrison re-signs with the PFL