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MMA Fighting has Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul live with round-based updates of one of the best boxing fights of the year on Sunday night at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

The main event will begin around 11 p.m. ET. Check out our Mayweather vs. Paul results page to find out what happened on the undercard. Mayweather, who has a career record of 50-0, will take part in an exhibition for the first time since December 31, 2018, when he knocked out Tenshin Nasukawa in the first round.

Logan Paul (0-1) will enter a boxing ring for the first time since November 9, 2019, when he lost a split decision to KSI.

Mayweather vs. Paul will be played without the help of judges as it is an exhibition. Fighters will wear 12-ounce gloves and the fight will take place over eight rounds of three minutes each.

Check out the Mayweather vs. Paul Main Event live blog below.

Only the main event remains, Mayweather and Paul will be released shortly.

Jimmy Lennon Jr. deals with tonight’s ring announcement.

We start with a song from the national anthem.

Logan Paul comes out first.

Before Mayweather comes in, we have a performance from Migos.

And this is Mayweather.

The presentations are underway and we are just moments from the start of this exhibition fight.

Round 1: Paul smiles before a single punch is thrown. They just feel right in the first 30 seconds. Paul throwing a jab, Mayweather staying out of range. Paul scores one on the body. He has his arms down as Mayweather circles around. Mayweather dodges a punch and tags Paul to the body after breaking a clinch. Mayweather’s quick left hand. Counter left by Mayweather. Mayweather hits Paul. Paul sneaks in with a blow to the body. Mayweather stays right after Paul’s jab ends. Paul begins to fly off with big hooks as Mayweather stands up. There is the bell of the first round.

MMA Fighting scores round 10-9, Mayweather.

2nd round: Paul sticks to the jab, but he can’t seem to connect. Mayweather with some body shots. Paul stays busy even if he doesn’t really show up. Paul scores with a jab. Jab to the body by Mayweather. Mayweather with a smirk on his face. He slips punches but doesn’t return much. Now it’s Mayweather with the jab. Body shot by Mayweather. Mayweather blocks a Paul meter.

MMA Fighting scores round 10-9, Mayweather. Overall, 20-18 Mayweather.

Round 3: Paul soaked in sweat at the opening of the third round. He wants to land something big. Mayweather’s defense holds up. A tired-looking Paul wraps around Mayweather now, with the ref warning the two guys to keep him clean as they engage in some dirty melee boxing. Short uppercut scores for Paul as they continue to be tied up. Mayweather with a lot of exaggerated movements. Right hand to chin by Mayweather. Mayweather misses with a left hook. Mayweather lands a few good shots to the body as Paul leans on him. Paul with a lead right hand but he walks straight into a counter. Mayweather’s quick left hook connects. Another left hook lands and Paul will tie up. He looks slow as we make our way to the fourth.

MMA Fighting scores round 10-9, Mayweather. Overall, 30-27 Mayweather.

Round 4: Mayweather lands a left hook. He’s in a beat now and Paul is pulling wildly. Lead left hook by Mayweather. Paul’s hard right, but he’s deflected by a vintage Mayweather shoulder roll. Mayweather’s right hand is narrowly missing. Paul tries to hold him back with a jab. Paul breathes an uppercut. The counter right hits Paul. Mayweather left hook. Mayweather just charges a right and lands. Paul may have just punched Mayweather in the butt. Paul is GAZÉ. Mayweather sees it all as he walks with Paul.

MMA Fighting scores round 10-9, Mayweather. Overall, 40-36 Mayweather.

Round 5: Paul’s blows only touch gloves. Mayweather steps in and scores with a left hook. A right hook lands which props Paul up against the ropes. Paul stays busy. Head right for Mayweather. Mayweather hits the body and Paul is very slow to recover. Big Counter Uppercut by Mayweather. Straight ahead next to Mayweather. Another hard left hook lands for Mayweather. Paul is in full retirement.

MMA Fighting scores round 10-9, Mayweather. Overall, 50-45 Mayweather.

Round 6: Paul with a punch to the body, he’s working, he just can’t keep Mayweather away from him. Lots of dropping out of Paul. Mayweather misses with a right. Marksmanship to the body by Mayweather. He lands another good blow to the body. Paul just threw that jab over there. The leading left hook lands for Mayweather. Right counter for Mayweather. Mayweather landed hard right at the 10 second clapper.

MMA Fighting scores round 10-9, Mayweather. Overall, 60-54 Mayweather.

Round 7: Paul has a left hook. Lots of dropouts in the first minute of the seventh. Mayweather hits the body. They struggle and Mayweather intimidates Paul against the ropes, pushing Paul’s head back. Jab by Paul. Counter left by Mayweather. Paul dives right into a short left.

MMA Fighting scores round 10-9, Mayweather. Overall, 70-63 Mayweather.

Round 8: Jab by Mayweather. Paul with a left hand. The crowd is agitated as Paul begins a clinch. The leading left hook lands again for Mayweather. No more detention of Paul and they are separated with a minute to go. Paul goes down, then up, no punches fall. Mayweather tags Paul with a left hook. He scores with another left hook. Paul points to the clock and tries to catch Mayweather off guard. All smiles as the fight draws to a close.

MMA Fighting scores round 10-9, Mayweather. Overall, 80-72 Mayweather.

Since this fight is an exhibition, there will be no official winner.

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Weili Zhang explains why she first “felt aggrieved” by stopping UFC 261 Sun, 06 Jun 2021 22:00:00 +0000

Weili Zhang was knocked out by Rose Namajunas in UFC 261, but Zhang “felt aggrieved” by the stoppage, protesting to the referee that the bout had been stopped too soon.

Zhang struggled to come to terms with the result because of all the hard work she put into training to be eliminated within two minutes of the start of the first round.

The former UFC strawweight champion has explained what was going through her mind at the time of the knockout and admits the loss still stings to this day.

“Regarding the stoppage, when the referee pulled me away, I really couldn’t accept the fact,” Weili said during a live broadcast (h / t Doug Murray of MMA News). “I was not at all reconciled. I worked hard for a long time and trained really hard every day. And I brought a great team of mine to America, but the game ended so early. Deep down inside, I couldn’t accept this fact.

“It’s because I put so much effort into preparing for this fight, and it was very hard for me every day. But because of an error in judgment I made, I thought she was doing a low kick, and I had a defense for the low kick, but she did a kick high instead. And it was very sudden, very fast. And it’s not like we’ve done three rounds and she overpowered me, or even after one round if she overpowered me and I lost, then I would admit my skills weren’t as good. But this one is really … you know. I haven’t had the opportunity to show what I have. So I felt aggrieved.

Zhang was on an unprecedented 21-fight winning streak before her loss to Namajunas and believes she deserves an immediate rematch, but UFC president Dana White must also be thinking of Carla Esparza. The latter is on a five-game winning streak and recently argued for a title shot after a dominant TKO victory over Yan Xiaonan in UFC Vegas 27.

White acknowledges that he has a difficult decision to make in the future.

“I don’t know what we’re going to do next. If we do the rematch [with Zhang] or if we give it [Esparza]. “

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Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown: 10 best characters Sun, 06 Jun 2021 20:30:00 +0000

Virtua Fighter has never been known for an incredibly diverse cast. The characters were still few in number but perceptible. The characters were developed to accurately represent a martial art and fill a character archetypal void in the fighting game genre. The franchise has only gotten better over time, and AM2 Studio has always been very careful not to add a character that would play like the one already in the game.

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All the characters in the game feel very different from each other. In addition, they can all be used at a competitive level. The franchise has always tried to be as balanced as possible. While the balance has been struck somewhat, there will always be some characters who are seen to be better than others.

ten Kage Maru

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown - Kage Maru

Kage Maru is Virtua Fighter’s ninja. It has a lot of unrealistic moves and some of the nicest special moves. It is said that the martial art of Kage Maru is a combination of Tegoi and Hagakure. Together they become Kage’s Hagakure-ryū Jū-Jutsu. Canonically, he is one of three characters to have won Virtua Fighter tournaments.

Because his fighting style is so unusual, the ninja can be quite unpredictable. Que also has access to good throws, including one that can easily lead to combos and juggling ring-outs.

9 Jean Kujo

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown - Jean Kujo posing at the opening of the game

The French newcomer is the Jojo benchmark of Virtua Fighter. Jean is tall and visibly strong. The tradition of the game presents it as a full contact karateka. Although his fighting style is karate, the game doesn’t specify what genre. Many believe that it is a mixture of various sub-styles.

John has a weak throwing game, but that doesn’t make him a weak character. He’s tall, fast, and has plenty of charged attacks to break through his opponent’s defense. Plus, jeans aren’t as hard on boot as Akira and have some great, very damaging combos.

8 Shun Di

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown - Shun Di posing at the opening of the game

Shun Di is an elderly herbalist who is constantly drunk. So it’s only fitting that his fighting style is Drunken Kung Fu, also known as Zuì Quán. This old Kung Fu master is short and quick. His fighting style is very difficult to read and designed to taunt the opponent while attacking. For an old man, Shun Di is surprisingly strong and agile.

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One of the things that makes Shun Di viable is his drinking trick. He can take a sip from his alcohol bottle during combat. The more drinks he has, the more techniques he can use. It also increases its damage.

7 Vanessa lewis

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown - Vanessa Lewis posing at the opening of the game

Vanessa is the MMA fighters version of Virtua Fighter. Made in the days when Vale-Tudo was a famous competition, Vanessa has good punching moves and good holds. As she is tall, her spinning kicks go quite a distance. She also has two different positions that completely change her movements.

Since Vanessa can use both a defensive and an offensive style, she is essentially two characters. This makes her very technical, but it also means that she always has good options for dealing with any given situation once the players have learned the basics.

6 Brad burns

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown - Brad Burns posing at the opening of the game

Since his favorite martial art is Muay Thai, Brad is a striking type of character. Brad has many long hitting strings and mid-height spinning attacks, which makes it quite difficult to compete directly with him. In many ways, Brad is Virtua Fighter’s version of a rushed character.

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Brad’s weakness is that he doesn’t have a lot of moves he can use when he’s at a disadvantage. However, this is the compromise for such a great offense. Brad needs to be patient when he is under pressure. Players will have to wait for the right moment to resume their turn.

5 Goh Hinogami

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown - Goh Hinogami posing at the opening of the game

As a Virtua Fighter judo practitioner, Goh’s striking moves aren’t great. He doesn’t have the technique for quick streaks, although a lot of his punches contain a lot of power. Still, it is dangerous because many Goh attacks can connect to outlets when blocked.

Goh is also the only Virtua Fighter character capable of counterattacking. He has a few moves that allow him to deflect his opponents’ attacks, making them briefly vulnerable or returning the fight to neutral. He’s not easy to master and his neutral can be a bit harsh, but Goh is considerably dangerous in the right hands.

4 Lion rafaele

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown - Lion Rafaele posing at the opening of the game

Leo has an unusual way of moving, visually speaking. This is due to his Mantis Style Kung Fu. She is a striking type of character who intervenes quickly while applying sequences of quick attacks. These advanced attacks make Leo’s neutral more dangerous. He can move in very quickly and be comfortable at any distance.

One of the things that makes Leon so dangerous is his many low-strike, spinning attacks that can be used to mix up opponents. While he doesn’t do much damage with his attacks, he can constantly strike at different heights. This creates opportunities to break through the opponent’s defense.

3 Taka arashi

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown - Taka Arashi posing at the opening of the game

Taka is a unique character. He is Virtua Fighter’s heaviest character, being in a class of his own. Being a super heavyweight, Taka doesn’t bounce when knocked down. His super heavy category means that many combos don’t work well on Taka, which is a big advantage he has over other fighters.

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Taka also uses his weight to break down the opponent’s defense. He has very damaging attacks and powerful mid-height strikes. When that is combined with his weight, Taka can get into a fight against any other member of the cast.

2 Jacky bryant

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown - Jacky Bryant posing at the opening of the game

Jacky is a straight forward type of attacker. His style is Jeet Kune Do, which makes some of his moves similar to Forest Law and Lee Chaolan. Beginner and competitive players can have fun with Jacky. He has many tools at his disposal, with attacks from all heights and distances.

At the higher levels, Jacky really shines. In neutral, it automatically parries high attacks. His Flash Sword Kick, which has a difficult entry, can open up opponents. Jacky’s very damaging flip can be used against crouching opponents and also against aerial approaches. Once players start digging into its complexity, there is a lot to be found.

1 Akira Yuki

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown - Akira Yuki posing at the opening of the game

Consistently considered the most powerful character in Virtua Fighter, Akira Yuki is also the most difficult to master. It has many attacks which can be used in several different situations. His strikes are powerful, efficient and very damaging. However, Akira is also known to have the most complex entries in the game.

Akira can be played both as a stinging character or as a rushing character. It has plenty of strikes that are taken after a lunge, making it useful at any distance. Akira has a downside, however. He doesn’t have a lot of moves, and the ones he does are easy to mess up. Learning his commands just in the picture is necessary to master this character, and even Akira is sometimes wrong.

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A collage of three different images featured in the organic listing.

Resident Evil Village: Everything You Need To Know About Megamycete

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UFC Vegas 28 results: Roman Dolidze takes unanimous decision victory over Laureano Staropoli Sun, 06 Jun 2021 01:11:19 +0000

It won’t end on any highlight reel, but Roman Dolidze did enough to earn his first middleweight victory at UFC Vegas 28 anyway.

Using a heavy game plan, Dolidze controlled Laureano Staropoli against the cage for almost 15 minutes to win a unanimous decision. The scorecards are all set 30-27 for Dolidze, who returns to the winning column after suffering a loss on his 185-pound debut in March.

Facing a smaller opponent, Dolidze closed the distance in the first lap, grabbed the body lock and attempted to pass Staropoli, but it took a lot of effort to finally drag him across the mat. Even after Dolidze was able to bring the fight back to the ground, Staropoli was quick to get back on his feet as the fighters stalled in the clinch.

Dolidze was determined to use the same strategy as the fight continued while seeking to put Staropoli on the canvas by any means necessary. When Staropoli was finally able to break free from Dolidze’s grip, he struggled to set up a meaningful attack with his strikes before being again stuck in the same melee position against the cage.

By the time the fight faded in round three, Staropoli was finally able to stay within striking range a bit longer, but he was also hesitant to really trigger combinations as he wanted to avoid further takedown attempts. Like clockwork, Dolidze waited until he found an opening to secure the same grappling position, which forced Staropoli to play defense again.

When the final horn sounded, Staropoli was obviously frustrated as he continued to chew on Dolidze, but the result was still the same with the Georgian fighter taking the win and dropping to 9-1 in his career.

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Georges St-Pierre doesn’t want Jon Jones to fight Stipe Miocic Sat, 05 Jun 2021 17:10:00 +0000

Jon Jones vs. Francis Ngannou is arguably the most anticipated fight of 2021. Fans can’t wait to watch this great fight before the end of the year, but negotiations are on hold for some time. Jones has shown interest in moving to Heavyweight after defending his Light Heavyweight title against Dominick Reyes.


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It was his fourteenth UFC title win at UFC 247 in 2020. After Francis Ngannou became the new heavyweight king, ‘Bones’ had a new claim for $ 30 million. Jon Jones made it clear that he would only enter the Octagon if he got what he asked for. To discuss this scenario, Georges St-Pierre joined Steve-O’s Wild Ride podcast.


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‘GSP’ debated Steve-O when Steve-O said, “Anyone’s advice to Jon Jones would be to fight Stipe.” He said it because the UFC is leaving the deal with Jones behind and moving forward with Derrick Lewis. ‘GSP’ disagreed and said “I think Jon should fight the champion, not Stipe. I think he should fight Francis Ngannou, the champion.

Georges St-Pierre wants Jon Jones to fight for the title

Georges St-Pierre wants ‘Bones’ to win the title fight and doesn’t want him to risk this opportunity. “GSP” thinks Jones can beat Stipe Miocic, but if the title opportunity is open, why not take it? ‘GSP’ speaks “I believe if I’m Jon Jones, we talk about this, we talk about it like a game of chess, you know, because these are big, important decisions that you make. And to fight, there is always a question. Just because you think you are beating a guy doesn’t mean that even though the odds are in your favor, it doesn’t mean you’re always going to win.

INGLEWOOD, CA – DECEMBER 29: Jon Jones looks on during a light heavyweight title fight against Sweden’s Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232 inside The Forum on December 29, 2018 in Inglewood, California. Jones defeated Gustafsson by KO. (Photo by Sean M. Haffey / Getty Images)

‘GSP’ continues “I think it would be a mistake for Jon Jones to fight Stipe. I believe Jon Jones will beat Stipe, but why take the risk of fighting Stipe when you can wait and fight the champion if you can and grab two belts. In mixed martial arts styles, do fights, therefore, fight first Heavyweight champion in a fight without a tile is not worth the reward.


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CLEVELAND, OH – SEPTEMBER 10: UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic celebrates after defeating Alistair Overeem of the Netherlands in their UFC Heavyweight Championship bout at UFC 203 event at Quicken Loans Arena on September 10, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Josh Hedges / Zuffa LLC / Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

It’s risky and if Jones loses he won’t get the title he wanted. While a victory over Ngannou will make him a multi-division champion and the undisputed GOAT in the world of mixed martial arts.

Watch this story: Top 5 Greatest Rivalries in UFC History


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Who do you think should fight the next Miocic or Ngannou?

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Francisco Trinaldo explains move to 170 pounds, says it’s not an ‘easy fight’ even for heavyweights Sat, 05 Jun 2021 15:00:00 +0000

Longtime veteran of the game with 33 professional fights in multiple weight classes, Francisco Trinaldo, 42, sees his UFC Vegas 28 fight on Saturday night as the start of a new journey.

Nine years after joining the UFC via The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 1 As a middleweight and scoring big wins against Paul Felder, Jim Miller, Yancy Medeiros and Evan Dunham at 155 pounds, “Massaranduba” made his welterweight debut against Muslim Salikhov at UFC APEX on Saturday.

“I see this fight as a new start to the UFC,” Trinaldo said in an interview with MMA Fighting. “An experienced guy making his UFC debut again. I am ready to fight anyone in this division.

Trinaldo called for putting on weight after a brutal cut in July 2020. It was the first time he had missed weight in 15 years as a professional MMA fighter. Trinaldo stopped Jai Herbert by TKO in the third round that morning in Abu Dhabi, extending his winning streak to three, and he now feels healthier at 170 pounds.

Unlike in the past, Trinaldo said he is now able to train for combat during the week of combat. His diet also changed, with Massaranduba adding red meat and carbohydrates and not holding back in the practice to “save energy.”

Having said that, Trinaldo doesn’t regret not moving earlier “because I had good fights at 155 and I’m sure I’ll be even better at 170”.

“Everyone will be stunned by my performance on the 5th,” said Trinaldo, who promises to impress against Russian striker Salikhov 17-2. “He’s a great fighter, but he doesn’t like to be touched, and I’ll touch him hard. It’s a tough fight for anyone at 170, but I’m also a tough fight.

“He won’t come expecting an easy fight because there is no easy fight with me. I can fight a heavyweight and I’m sure I won’t give any of them an easy fight.

Also known as the “King of Kung Fu,” Salikhov has won his last four UFC games against Elizeu Zaleski and Nordine Taleb. His two losses came by submission, while Trinaldo’s 26-7 record includes five submissions and nine knockouts.

“I trained to finish it, but I’m ready to go hard for three laps,” he said. “Let’s see if he can handle my pressure.” My head is prepared for three rounds of war.

Trinaldo hopes to make noise from the start in his first welterweight showdown, but has given up on facing Donald Cerrone, he said, “because he doesn’t want to fight me” . The Brazilian fighter said he volunteered to replace Diego Sanchez against “Cowboy” last May, but claims Cerrone turned him down before “getting beaten up” by Alex Morono.

The American Top Team welterweight already has a name in mind for his post-fight call, but said fans will have to tune in on Saturday to hear him.

“I know this is a fight the fans would love to see and I’m sure he will accept it,” Trinaldo said. “We are going to have a great fight. “

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UFC Vegas 28 Predictions – MMA Fighting Sat, 05 Jun 2021 13:00:00 +0000

Four heavyweights will make their way to the cage to close out Saturday’s UFC Vegas 28 card, but what exactly is at stake for them?

In the main event, Jairzinho Rozenstruik and Augusto Sakai both look to bounce back from their losses. Rozenstruik was clearly edged out by Ciryl Gane in five rounds in his last outing, while Sakai is keen to bounce back from his first UFC loss, a fifth-round TKO by Alistair Overeem.

Currently No.6 in the official rankings, Rozenstruik is unlikely to enter the top 5 with a victory over Sakai no matter how it turns out, but at least he can right a ship that has seen rough waters for an intriguing 4. -0 early career in the UFC. On the other hand, Sakai can not only erase the bitter taste of a loss to Overeem, he can also jump Rozenstruik up the standings and keep his chances of a future title opportunity.

Walt Harris is arguably in the most precarious position. If he lost to Marcin Tybura in the main co-event, it would be his third straight loss and could spell the end of his second run in the UFC. Although “The Big Ticket” has built an following, one can only miss great opportunities so many times before the matchmakers decide to move on.

As for Tybura, he can remind those matchmakers that he’s currently on a four-game winning streak, a streak only surpassed by Gane and UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou (both have five wins. consecutive). He has quietly put on a flawless race in 2020 and although he has failed against top level competition in the past, he will deserve more than a place against another elite opponent if he can get past Harris.

In another main card action Roman Dolidze meets Laureano Staropoli in a middleweight fight, welterweight mainstay Santiago Ponzinibbio looks to hand Miguel Baeza his first UFC loss, Dusko Todorovic faces recent LFA championship winner Gregory Rodrigues, and Tom Breese stands on the way to middleweight prospect Antonio Arroyo securing his first UFC victory.

What: UFC Vegas 28

Or: UFC APEX in Las Vegas

When: Saturday June 5. The event begins with a preliminary map of eight fights on ESPN + at 4 p.m. ET, followed by a main card of six fights at 7 p.m. ET also on ESPN +.

Jairzinho Rozenstruik vs. Augusto Sakai

Expect Jairzinho Rozenstruik and Augusto Sakai to step into this one freshly motivated after their recent humiliating defeats.

Yes, both men had already lost, but you can see how much easier it could be for Rozenstruik to move from that loss at Ngannou to his loss at Gane. Ngannou is, well, Ngannou, and Rozenstruik can consider himself part of an illustrious list of heavyweights who were caught early by the division’s bogeyman. The loss to Gane must have been more difficult to overcome as for 25 minutes Rozenstruik’s shortcomings in speed and athleticism were revealed. We also saw some of his technical weaknesses in his fight with Alistair Overeem which Rozenstruik won in the dying seconds thanks to a formidable final effort.

Sakai was outclassed by Overeem in September despite some good times and he will look forward to regaining his status as one of the contenders for black horses at heavyweight. His style will never be called pretty, and even when he’s doing well he sometimes feels like an exhausted warrior just trying to get out of it, but more often than not he gets results.

Potency is the difference here and that advantage has to go to Rozenstruik, although Sakai’s striking prowess isn’t to be sneezed at. I don’t see Sakai being able to string together too many combinations because he will have to beware of the knockout that Rozenstruik can deliver at any time. I’m not predicting an finish, but the threat of one will keep Sakai on the back foot. Look for Rozenstruik to gain the upper hand over the brief bursts that materialize in the fight and do enough to win a compelling, yet competitive decision.

Take: Rozenstruik

Walt Harris vs. Marcin Tybura

Speaking of speed and athleticism, Walt Harris has this in spades of Marcin Tybura and that’s one of the reasons he’s one of the liveliest dogs on this card.

Put simply, if Harris can find the lineup early, it wouldn’t be at all shocking to see him rush Tybura and end that in the first round. Tybura is KO sensitive, and while he’s made some notable defensive improvements in his recent fights, he’s still a heavyweight we’re talking about. A good blow is enough.

I have no doubts that Tybura’s successful campaign in 2020 is proof of a legitimate increase in his second-half career, much like fellow Polish Jan Blachowicz. That’s not to say that I think Tybura will win the heavyweight title anytime soon, but his well-rounded skills are finally pushing him up the rankings (it helps that a few of the guys who beat him are no longer in the game. ‘UFC).

Grapple, grapple, grapple, that should be Tybura’s game plan. He’s a solid boxer, but he can’t play with Harris, who has more stand-up firepower. Tybura will eventually lead this fight on the ground, and as disjointed as Harris may be there, I choose Tybura to submit him to the second round.

Take: Tybura

Roman Dolidze vs. Laureano Staropoli

One factor to consider here is the height difference between the two men as Roman Dolidze recently dropped out of light heavyweight as it will be Laureano Staropoli’s first UFC fight at 185 pounds after previously competing in welterweight. As for the size, there isn’t much of a difference, but Staropoli could feel the difference in weight when they lock.

So far, Dolidze hasn’t had a chance to show his fight too much in the UFC, so keep an eye on whether or not he decides to go all out to bring this one to the mat. He’s an improving striker and he might want to take advantage of the length he has on Staropoli. However, it’s on the feet that there’s also the most potential for chaos, and Staropoli’s creativity could be Dolidze’s downfall if he’s not careful.

It’s up to Dolidze to end this one early as he had issues with his gas tank during his loss to Trevin Giles. Maybe he’s acclimated to middleweight better now, but he shouldn’t risk it, especially with Staropoli probably looking to stay and move. Dolidze’s fight should win him the ground fight or at least create an opening for him to possibly surprise Staropoli with a knockout shot to the feet.

Dolidze by KO.

Take: Dolidze

Santiago Ponzinibbio vs. Miguel Baeza

Cue the intense fight for Miguel Baeza, one of the most promising prospects at 170 pounds who somehow continues to fly under the radar. If he scores an impressive victory over Santiago Ponzinibbio, he will become impossible to ignore.

This is the hardest fight on the map to choose, as Ponzinibbio’s experience should count for something, even with Baeza looking like an absolute stallion so far. Ponzinibbio has always excelled at ranged combat and using a long jab to prepare his powerful punches. On paper, this is a good start to understanding Baeza.

If they end up working in the clinch and on the mat, Baeza is the better wrestler, but both fighters bring black belts of Brazilian jiu-jitsu into this fight. Both are also likely to favor position over submission, so I doubt we’ll see a tap-out here.

Baeza is more likely to gain the upper hand in the fight and use the ground and the pound to both frustrate Ponzinibbio and rack up points on the scoreboards. At the feet, Ponzinibbio’s patience can give him the edge, but not so much that Baeza can’t counter with controlled aggression.

Baeza should learn a lot from this fight, a fight I expect he will win by decision.

Take: Baeza

Dusko Todorovic vs. Grégory Rodrigues

After Dusko Todorovic’s loss to Punahele Soriano, we now know what the limits of his chin are. Todorovic recently turned 27 and as he is just starting to enter his athletic heyday, it is hoped that he sees the bout with Soriano as a time for learning as opposed to an anomaly. The point is, Todorovic has been hit in his previous fights, he was just able to absorb the damage without too much consequence. It’s not a style he should adopt as he moves up the middleweight ranks.

Even against UFC newcomer Gregory Rodrigues, Todorovic should exercise caution. “Robocop” is a combat finisher. When he smells blood he chases after him, and if he can touch Todorovic’s chin early on, he won’t hesitate to step up the pace and get Todorovic out. I have a lot of questions about Todorovic’s defensive skills, but if he can control distance and make strategic use of melee it’s his fight to lose.

I can’t wait for it to be a fun fall and for Todorovic to make the necessary adjustments to bounce back from a disappointing outing last time around. He gets the knockout here.

Take: Todorovic

Tom Breese vs. Antonio Arroyo

I love Antonio Arroyo and think he has to win, but he had a tough draw here at Tom Breese.

It’s a great choice for an opener and fans should be treated to a standing battle between these two great middleweights. When it comes to hitting styles, I like Breese’s hands more while I think Arroyo has the cleanest kicks and knees. So whoever sets the tone early will have a major advantage.

It should be Breese given he has faced a higher level of competition. He’s had mixed results in the past and can be inconsistent, but I still think the best version of him outshines Arroyo. As far as he can be the first fighter to knock out Arroyo? No. But certainly good enough to win a decision.

Take: Breese


Montana De La Rosa has def. Ariane Lipski

Tanner Boser has def. Ilir Latifi

Muslim Salikhov def. Francisco Trinaldo

Makwan Amirkhani beat. Kamuela Kirk

Mason Jones defeated Patrick Patrick

Manon Fiorot defeated Tabatha Ricci

Youssef Zalal beat. Sean woodson

Jordan Leavitt beat. Claudio Puelles

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Finishers Sub Only “Kombat” – LIVE RESULTS Sat, 05 Jun 2021 10:10:43 +0000

Today, Saturday June 5, Sub finishers only will hold their very first all super fight event, Finishers Kombat, from 6 p.m. ET to 10 a.m.e Planet Bethlehem. Since moving into their new premises, the Finishers team has hosted a Finishers Open event and, more recently, the Absolute Finishers pro event. They plan to put more Kombat Finishers super fight as style events in the future as well. Doors open at 4 p.m. and you can purchase tickets at the door for $ 20 each or you can watch the event live on Zach Maslany’s Youtube channel. If you are there, Never again Studio will be selling their infamous smash burgers at a pop-up just outside for $ 5 each. Below is a full list of matches and the results will be updated as the event progresses.


Ryan Hinkle (Sion BJJ) vs. Jojo Samaritano (Garry Tonon Jiu Jitsu)

Winner –

Kevin Stilo (Valley Jiu Jitsu) vs. Jacob Rodriguez (Studio 84)

Winner –

Max Livingston (Vault BJJ) v Amahurys Corrales (Silver Fox)

Winner –

Franc Melro (Ground Control) vs. Ken Truong (10P NYC)

Winner –

Sid Tavolaro (10P Bethlehem) vs. Marco Berreondo (Warrior Nation MMA)

Winner –

Steve Joachim (Studio 84) vs. Josh Alter (10P NYC)

Winner –

Ardis Smith (10P Bethlehem) vs. Sam Lambert (BJJ Synthesis)

Winner –

Michael Villeneuve (Valley Jiu Jitsu) vs. Stan Kevereski (Gorilla BJJ)

Winner –

Lauren Sears (10P Austin) vs. Lauren Strausser (Middle World Martial Arts)

Winner –

Josh Baker (Hammer Nation Fight Team) vs. Tim McNamara (Bancho MMA)

Winner –

Wil Gracia (10P Bethlehem) vs. Ben Martinez (Garry Tonon Jiu Jitsu)

Winner –

Ellis Karadag (MMA Method) vs. Stephen Piszar (Garry Tonon Jiu Jitsu)

Winner –

Dillon “D-Boy” Masington (Rat Pack) vs. John Mulhern (Roufusport)

Winner –

Brandt Basaran (Indy Boxing and Grappling) vs. John Lyons (Vault BJJ)

Winner –

Dave Weintraub (Vitor Shaolin) vs. Miles Williams (Team Mannon BJJ)

Winner –

Jacob Norton (10P Austin) v Eric Naples (RMNU)

Winner –

Sean Fallon (Indy Boxing and Grappling) vs. Andrew Kochel (Valley Jiu Jitsu)

Winner –

Ricky Pena (Berks County BJJ) vs. Matteo Martinez (Matteo BJJ)

Winner –

John Battle (McHugh BJJ) vs. Andrew Franco (Bronx Jiu Jitsu)

Winner –

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Paulo Costa out, Kelvin Gastelum steps in to fight Jared Cannonier in UFC main event on August 21 Sat, 05 Jun 2021 04:01:10 +0000

Jared Cannonier will not fight Paulo Costa in August.

MMA Fighting has confirmed with sources familiar with the new game that Kelvin Gastelum (17-7, 1 NC) will now face Cannonier (13-5) in the UFC card middleweight main event on August 21 after the opponent originally planned from Cannonier, Paulo. Costa was forced to withdraw. Cannonier and Gastelum verbally agreed to the match, but the contracts have yet to be signed.

The reason for Costa’s withdrawal was not disclosed.

ESPN was the first to report the change.

Cannonier now goes from a former title challenger to Costa to one at Gastelum, who fought Israel Adesanya for a vacant interim middleweight title at UFC 236. This will be the third time in Cannonier’s last four fights. that he’s up against a former UFC champion or a contestant who has contested a title. He’s coming off a unanimous decision loss to Robert Whittaker at UFC 254 in October.

Gastelum’s most recent fight in April was also a unanimous decision loss to Whittaker, a result that has dropped Gastelum to just 1-4 in his last five outings. His only win in that streak was a unanimous decision victory over Ian Heinisch at UFC 258.

For Costa, this is the second consecutive reservation that Gastelum has to fill for him. It was Costa who was supposed to fight Whittaker in April before being forced to step down due to illness. “Borrachinha” has not competed since suffering his first professional loss to Adesanya in a middleweight championship fight at UFC 253 last September.

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Former MMA star Tito Ortiz quits California city council role, complaining of hostility Sat, 05 Jun 2021 01:39:52 +0000

Less than a year after being elected to city council in Huntington Beach, Calif., Mixed martial arts veteran Tito Ortiz abruptly resigned, complaining of “hostility and judgment.” Ortiz made his announcement at a city council meeting on Tuesday, according to the Los Angeles Times, the first face-to-face board meeting since December. It was the culmination of eight months of controversy for Ortiz, an outright COVID-19 denier. “Recently, the attacks on me started to involve my family, and now I feel their safety is in danger,” he said at Tuesday’s meeting. “To put it simply, this job is not working for me.” The announcement came just weeks after her sons had been expelled from school for refusing to put on masks.

As his election approaches, Ortiz called COVID-19 a form of “control of the population by the left”, despite the death of the virus more than 200,000 people in October of last year. Despite this, he received the the most votes for the city council in the history of the city with more than 42,000 votes. Since his election as deputy mayor, which allowed him to take over as mayor if needed, he has refused to wear masks on several occasions, leading other council members to consider impeaching him.

Read it on Los Angeles Times

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