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Every Martial Arts Style Michael Jai White’s Iceman Uses In Undisputed 2

In Undisputed 2, Michael Jai White’s boxing champ George “Iceman” Chambers learns a few martial arts – here’s every fighting style he performs.

What Different Martial Arts Disciplines Does Michael Jai White’s George “Iceman” Chambers Learn In Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing? Based on martial arts Undisputed the franchise would come to center Yuri Boyka (Scott Adkins) as the focal point, presenting him as the antagonist of Undisputed 2. Chambers would also return from his role as the antagonist of Undisputedwith Michael Jai White taking over for Ving Rhames, Chambers was unscrupulously sent to a Russian prison to be Boyka’s opponent in an MMA fight.

Michael Jai White started martial arts as a child and is therefore well versed in many different disciplines of martial arts. White’s career in action films has seen him use his skills in films such as Blood & Bones, Falcon on the rise, Triple Threatand the never back down series. For Undisputed 2 launched White’s Chambers from a foundation of the former world heavyweight boxing champion.


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Chambers’ only path to freedom is to beat Boyka, and he gets a big surprise from Boyka’s versatility in their MMA match. Recognizing the need to expand his skills for their rematch in order to stand a chance of winning, Chambers trains with fellow inmate Crot (Eli Danker). After getting just good enough with new techniques to even the playing field with Boyka, Chambers wins the second fight. Here are the martial arts styles Chambers is learning the techniques for his revenge with Undisputed 2Yuri Boyka’s antagonist.

muay thai

Chambers kneels Boyka in Undisputed 2 fight scene photo

With its methodology combining punches, kicks, knees and elbows, Muay Thai is the art with which Chambers develops his striking skills. Due to the short training time, Chambers learned Muay Thai elbow strikes, back punches, knees, and roundhouse kicks, which he only brought about to the level of the knee. As a beginner in Muay Thai, Chambers’ techniques, especially his kicks, are still quite rough in his fight with Boyka. As a lifelong martial artist, it proved difficult for White to adjust Chambers’ fighting style against Boyka, forcing him to attempt”bad kick,” in the words of Undisputed 2 director and author of several Scott Adkins films Isaac Florentine on DVD audio commentary of the film.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Chambers leg locks Boyka in Undisputed 2 fight scene photo

Based on battling an opponent on the ground, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu relies on chokeholds and joint manipulations such as armbars and leg locks. To add further support to his boxing and limited Muay Thai skills, Chambers uses a variety of different Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu based grappling maneuvers in his second fight with Boyka to counter his opponent’s own grappling skills. Chambers’ winning technique against Boyka is a leg lock over his shoulder which he uses to painfully break Boyka’s knee and win the fight. It would also leave Boyka with a challenge in Undisputed 3: Redemption: Boyka takes care of a bad knee for his next tournament.


Chambers casting Boyka in Undisputed 2 pic

When Crot approaches Chambers to train him to face Boyka again, his wheelchair-bound fellow inmate mentions some of his own fighting background, which includes training in “military close combat.“Although this does not specify any specific form of martial arts, given the Russian framework of Undisputed 2, Chambers’ training from Crot familiarized him with the throwing-focused Russian martial art of Sambo. Chambers uses a few Sambo throws to counter Boyka’s attacks and put him in position for his game-winning knee kick.

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All in all, Chambers only tastes the eclectic nature of MMA in Undisputed 2. Following their battles in Undisputed 2, Chambers and Boyka leave the ring changed and reevaluate themselves as fighters in different ways. I hope they can see each other again Undisputed 5 (Liam O’Donnell having written a treatment) for Chambers to show off all his MMA skills after Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing.

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