Enabling a holistic business growth environment with innovative cash flow solutions

“Instead of opting for loans with high interest, there are other methods of financing, such as bill discounting services, which help businesses alleviate their cash flow difficulties,” said Manish kumar, Founder and CEO of KredX. KredX enables businesses to access transparent cash flow while accelerating growth with its suite of innovative products – Invoice Discounting Platform – to provide rapid working capital assistance to businesses, revenue-based financing – to provide growth capital assistance to D2C and SaaS companies, Capvel – for companies to identify financial opportunities. Additionally, KredX’s MANDII is an independent technology platform that benefits small businesses by providing them with quick financing.

KredX ensures continuity of cash flow

“Under usual circumstances, a business will look to financial institutes like banks or NBFCs for financial assistance. But with the second wave of the pandemic and the ensuing fallout due to the intermittent foreclosure, businesses have had to “So much more need a consistent cash flow to run operations and navigate these unprecedented times. This is where KredX can help you,” said Manish kumar, Founder and CEO of KredX.

The bill discount is one of the easiest ways to have cash without going into debt, paying high interest, or waiting for bills to be paid. With this method of financing, businesses can leverage their unpaid bills to raise funds for their short-term working capital needs. Here, companies sell their unpaid invoices to financial service providers, such as KredX, and get almost 90% of the invoice value to keep to avoid stagnation.

Especially since since the 2nd wave of the pandemic and its global impact on the business ecosystem, most companies are looking for an extension of credit. Businesses can easily use their unpaid invoices to quickly access working capital from financial service providers, such as KredX, where they can quickly enroll online, and substantial invoice value is released within 24-72 hours. . The pending amount is also credited once the customer releases the payment. As an off-balance sheet solution, discounting invoices is not considered a loan, and as such, fund companies raise through this method.

KredX Invoice Discount Can Help You Go back on Your Feet

With vaccination campaigns and the lockdown slowing the spread of the virus, a can hope for a cure very soon. But breaking out of the deadlock with bad debts or a tight budget can hamper efforts to revitalize business operations. However, with KredX, entrepreneurs can facilitate continued growth to ensure their operations are operational even during and after the crisis. Finally, it is important to understand that, unlike debt, invoice financing does not affect a company’s debt ratio; they don’t borrow money but profit from their bills. This can help attract investment to accelerate business growth.

Amid these difficult times, businesses must ensure they explore debt-free options, such as invoice financing, to weather the pandemic. To learn more about KredX invoice discounts and other business offerings, please visit: https://bit.ly/3wCPQsM

About KredX

Founded in 2015, KredX was launched with the sole mission of solving working capital issues. Accounts receivable, when properly operated, have the potential to solve working capital issues, thereby accelerating growth. This factor laid the foundation for KredX – From India leading provider of integrated cash flow solutions. The KredX product suite has gradually evolved from an invoice discount platform to solve much bigger issues across the revenue-based finance supply chain, Capvel and MANDII. Through the KredX suite of products, we venture to provide liquidity to businesses large and small, operating in a wide range of industries.

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