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Eagle FC 44 results, live stream play-by-play updates

Eagle Fight Club (EFC) – now owned by Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight legend Khabib Nurmagomedov – returns to the airwaves tonight (Friday, January 28, 2022) with a host of familiar faces. will provide live coverage of tonight’s main card on FLXCast. The undercard broadcast begins at 6 p.m. ET, with the main card likely to kick off around 8 p.m. ET.

The main event of EFC 44 sees multi-sport player Tyron “King of the Ring” Spong return to the cage for the first time in over eight years against PRIDE, Strikeforce and Bellator veteran Sergei Kharitonov, while former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans ends his retirement against grappling ace Gabriel Checco in the co-feature.

Also on the schedule is a bantamweight clash between Ray Borg and Cody Gibson, a welterweight battle between veteran John Howard and Contender Series veteran Ramazan Kuramagomedov, and ONE standout Raimond Magomedaliev against WEC and World Cup contender. ‘UFC Anthony Njokuani.

EFC 44 Quick Results:

Tyron Spong vs. Serghei Kharitonov – Kharitonov def. Spong by TKO (punches) at 2:55 of the second round
Gabriel Checco vs. Rashad Evans – Evans defeats. Checco by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Ray Borg vs. Cody Gibson – Borg defeats. Gibson by unanimous decision (29-27, 29-28 x2)
John Howard vs. Ramazan Kuramagomedov – Kuramagomedov defeats. Howard via unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 30-26)
Raimond Magomedaliev vs. Anthony Njokuani – Magomedaliev defeats. Njokuani by TKO (punches) at 2:49 of the first round
Arman Ospanov against Dylan Salvador – Salvador def. Ospanov by TKO (corner stoppage) at 5:00 of the second round
Shaun Asher vs. Yorgan De Castro — De Castro beats. Asher via submission (guillotine choke) at 1:04 of round one
Miles Hunsinger vs. Demarques Jackson – Jackson def. Hunsinger by TKO (punches) at 0:54 of the first round
Shawn Bunch against Firdavs Khasanov – Bunch beats. Khasanov by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Loik Radzhabov vs. Zach Zane – Razhabov beats. Zane by submission (guillotine choke) at 3:23 of the first round

EFC 44 turn-by-turn coverage:

265 pounds: Tyron Spong vs. Sergei Kharitonov

Round One: Low, hard kick from Spong. Exchange of blows. Low and body kicks. Kharitonov catches a low kick to land on top in half guard. Right at kesa gatame, then up one minute. Short right hands, hold on. Keep snacking. Two minutes. Harder punches as Spong tries to stand but is knocked back to the mat. Always in full swing. Two more minutes.

Right hand, elbow. Now he stands up for heavier punches. High frame. Spong can’t push him away. One more minute. Kharitonov chooses his shots. Looking for an Americana, nothing to do. 10-8 Kharitonov.

Second round: Kharitonov shoots, can’t finish it, lands a knee. Jabs from Kharitonov, avoids an overhand right. Commercial jabs, Spong low kicks. A minute later. The body shot lands for Spong. Simultaneous hits. Kharitonov continues to advance. Both feel the uppercuts. Low kick from Kharitonov and he grabs the return for another takedown on guard. Side check at two minutes. Elbows from Kharitonov, straight back to go up. He sits up and punches until the referee intervenes.

Final result: Kharitonov defeated. Spong by TKO (punches)

205 lbs: Gabriel Checco vs. Rashad Evans

Round one: body and low kicks from Checco. Continue to land. Evans catches one and tries to counter a minute. Evans advances but doesn’t throw much. Now he grabs one and takes Checco into side control. Looking for the crucifix two minutes later. Checco regains custody. Two more minutes.

Checco keeps watch, finds nothing. Evans switches to side control. Checco regains guard, does not find an armband a minute from the end. Side control once again. 10-9 Evans.

Round two: Checco fires a kick to the body. Evans goes for a head kick, blocks a wheelhouse kick. Evans grabs a back waist lock and looks to slide Checco down, but is blocked by a few fence holds. He still muscles it on the mat and drops punches before going up a minute. Checco spins for a leg, but Evans gets his knee out, then slides into the crucifix after dodging another attempt. Two minutes later. Checco manages to force his way through and chase his own takedown, tripping Evans against the fence with two minutes remaining.

Evans quickly takes first place, but has to fight off another leglock. In 50/50 with one minute to go. Evans finally manages to free his leg and set up guard before the bell. 10-9 Evans.

Round three: Checco tries to shoot, then drops to his knees as Evans tries to punch him. Another leg attempt. A minute later, Evans spins free and switches to side control. Two more minutes. Checco gets to his knees and Evans looks for punches. Body knee, more punches. He easily avoids another leglock attempt to regain lateral control. Two more minutes.

Half guard now. Another failed leglock by Checco. Back to guard with a minute to go. Checco looking for wrist control, lands a kick. Back to side control before the bell. 10-9 Evans.

Final result: Evans defeated. Chocco by unanimous decision

135 pounds: Ray Borg vs. Cody Gibson

Round one: Gibson looks to sting, mixing in low kicks. Really nice jab and sideways movement so far. 1-2s do not connect. Borg times a low kick for a single-leg attempt. One minute. Gibson lands as he defends. They are separating. Gibson staying at bay, continuing to land jabs and low kicks. Body shot. Good puffs. Two minutes. Gibson drags him to the fence, then the separation. Borg lands a low kick, tries to catch one and takes an eye. Good 1-2. Gibson’s composure plummets when he throws more than one at a time. Nice sequence of lefts from Borg two minutes from the end.

Liver shot from Borg, straight to the body from Gibson. Borg does better later in the round. 1-2 body kick by Gibson. Solid head movement. Borg senses a combo with a minute to go. Gibson puts him on the fence. Late rush after their separation. 10-9 Gibson.

Round two: Gibson pushes him to the fence with punches and switches levels. No dice on the single leg. Borg moving forward, sets up a nice high-low combo. One more minute. Low blow exchange. Three pieces of Borg. Gibson lands a left turn. Good 1-2 and they trade down the middle, with both men landing clear. Borg shoots, denied. Gibson leads a right, gets off balance with a knockdown and ties. Solid jabs. Beautiful body shot from Borg in overalls. He’s fine when he can get in. Body kick connects. Two more minutes.

Borg eats a low kick, but brushes off the referee when he tries to pause the action. Wheel kick attempt, which allows Gibson to knock it down. Borg tries to spin onto his back, settles for first position against the fence. Half guard, mount, guillotine attempt, can’t get it but takes half guard with a minute to go. Nice elbows on Gibson’s already carved eye. Cut below the forehead, that could be a problem. More elbows. 10-9 Borg.

Round three: Borg keeps moving forward, drags Gibson to the mat with a double leg against the fence. Gibson is also bleeding from the ear. Gibson gets up and Borg goes to a back waist lock before changing levels. A minute later, Borg knocks him down again. The elbow connects. Two minutes later. Gibson unable to get his back against the fence, can’t get anything on an armbar attempt. You’re looking for the back again, then an arm triangle. Solid punches after dropping it. Two more minutes.

Borg searches for the arm triangle again, loses it but takes the mount. Try again, I can’t. Gibson gives up his back. Back to half guard with a minute to play. Mean elbows and punches. Borg throwing mischievously, takes the mount back. He tries a late armbar, gets to the bottom, then blasts Gibson with a gigantic kick. 10-8 Borg.

Final result: Borg defeats. Gibson by unanimous decision

175 pounds: John Howard vs. Ramazan Kuramagomedov

Round One: Howard comes out aggressively, prompting Kuramagomedov to level up. Good chain fight in one successful leg. Top in half guard. Kuramagomedov stays close, landing short left hands. Two minutes later. He controls Howard’s opposite wrist well. Howard drops to his knees. Work his way up with two minutes to go.

Kuramagomedov still lands on short lefts, dodges a leglock to force Howard back to the mat. One more minute. Strong pressure on the shoulders. Looking for a late return. 10-9 Kuramagomedov.

Round two: Howard stalks, digs a right to the body that takes him down again. Kuramagomedov on top of guard a minute later. Keep the pitch short and book. Two minutes. On half guard. Howard regains custody and attempts to elevate. Back on his feet, Kuramagomedov trying to keep a standing hook. I would do the usual timestamps but the clock disappeared a while ago.

A nice body lock takedown puts Kuramagomedov back on top. Short punches. 10-9 Kuramagomedov.

Round three: Kuramagomedov slips after eating a kick and Howard tries to twist, successfully stopping the first out. Kuramagomedov’s Brazilian kick attempt. Low kick and jabs. Knee intercepted, low kick. Howard still advances but doesn’t offer much. A minute later. Teep in the face knocks Howard down for a moment. Kuramagomedov goes for a hook, then shoots. It takes a bit of sequencing, but he warns Howard. Two more minutes.

Howard gets up again, but again can’t dislodge Kuramagomedov. Short punches against the fence. One more minute. Kuramagomedov tries to spin, can’t land, and Howard chases him to the bell. 10-9 Kuramagomedov.

Final result: Kuramagomedov defeated. Howard by unanimous decision

175 lbs: Raimond Magomedaliev vs. Anthony Njokuani

Round one: Heavy kicks from Magomedaliev to start. Brazilian kicks almost connect. A hard low kick briefly puts Njokuani on his butt. Magomedaliev tries a wheelhouse kick, slips, then puts Njokuani on the fence. Knees down, inside stumble into guard. Njokuani progresses two minutes later, but Magomedaliev stays tied down and pulls the knees before tripping him. Right to full editing. Magomedaliev starts firing punches as Njokuani bombs and the volume is enough to force the referee into action.

Final result: Magomedaliev defeated. Njokuani by TKO (punches)