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Dominant! Gordon Ryan Submits Andre Galvao – 2022 ADCC Superfight Results, Videos, Highlights

In a super-fight that’s been years in the making, Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao squared off to crown the 2022 ADCC event. After all the online talk — and even a few slaps and altercations — it finally happened. .

Galvao, who turns 40 this month, is one of the greatest of all time, with five IBJJF World Championships and six ADCC titles. He faced a much younger opponent who is in his prime, 27-year-old Ryan, who has been unbeaten for the past four years. The brash and boisterous American became a four-time ADCC champion, having won the +99kg division earlier in the day.

He was a legend against today’s most dominant grappler, and it was the latter who came out on top.

Ryan took control early on and immediately shifted to a more dominant position just halfway through the game, once the points started counting. Ryan eventually took the back, and once he got there he continued to switch the body lock from side to side, making sure to rack up the points. He was leading 12-0 and had Galvao’s arm pinned for several minutes as he continued to look for the rear naked choke.

With four minutes left, Ryan drove him deeper, finished the choke and forced Galvao to tap out.

With the win, Ryan capped off his incredible run this week with two titles, for his fifth in the ADCC Championship.

Check out the full results of the ADCC 2022 event here. All match highlights clips will be updated and posted below.