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Crawford vs Porter results, full coverage of live fight


One of the biggest welterweight clashes of 2021 airs on pay-per-view tonight (Saturday, November 20, 2021) when undefeated WBO champion Terence Crawford meets two-time titlist Shawn Porter. will provide LIVE coverage of tonight’s main event below. The ESPN + PPV show premiered at 9 p.m. ET, while Crawford and Porter will likely make the walk closer to midnight.

While he is unquestionably a pound-for-pound talent, Crawford has long struggled to find quality opponents due to the fact that most of the division’s elites are fighting under a different leadership. Tonight represents a rare collaboration between Top Rank and Premier Boxing Champions, who hit it off when the WBO mandated Crawford and Porter to fight.

The main card will also see former Olympians Esquiva Falcao and Janibek Alimkhanuly respectfully take on Patrice Volny and Hassan N’dam, while Raymond Muratalla will take on late replacement Elias Araujo in the first game.

Terence Crawford vs. Shawn Porter – Crawford won. Carry by TKO (corner stop) on the tenth lap
Esquiva Falcao against Patrice Volny – Falcao defeated. Volny by technical decision (58-57, 56-58, 58-56)
Janibek Alimkhanuly vs. Hassan N’Dam – Alimkhanuly beat. N’Dam by TKO in the eighth round
Raymond Muratalla vs. Elias Araujo – Muratalla beat. Araujo by TKO in the fifth round

WBO Welterweight Championship: Terence Crawford vs. Shawn Porter

Round one: Bring on the front foot early, as planned. He tries to mutilate the ropes, gets unhooked. Right hands inside. Porter walks in again and Crawford strains in again. Again halfway through. Crawford’s jabs, who swings behind Porter’s back and picks up the hook when the latter tries to retaliate. Porter hits the body. Not sure about that one. 10-9 Wear in activity.

Round two: Crawford’s free kick, Porter’s busy melee. Crawford breathes on a checkered hook. A short right hook stings Porter for a moment, but he comes back with a good cross. Mid Road. Quick exchange, melee. Check out the hook lands for Crawford. Porter comes in with an overhand right and lands a few solid punches, walking through a hook of control. Against de Crawford, pick up. Nice counter left at the bell. 10-9, 20-18 Doorman.

Round three: Porter storming, Crawford’s solid movement in response. Nice checkered crochet. They trade near the ropes. Mid Road. Strangely temporary moment in the corner. Crawford digs to the body and they strike in the middle. Porter’s right, clinch. Porter sports a cut around his right eye. Their feet are tangled. 10-9, 30-27 Doorman.

Fourth round: No more early exchanges. Crawford’s sharp 1-3, solid counter to the left that pushes Porter back. Combination upstairs, hard countertops. Porter strikes in the melee. A good 1-2 lands for him halfway through. Double hit. Clinch. Crawford counter on the left. To the body on the counter, pick up. There matadors Porter in the corner. Porter bursts in, tank an uppercut. 10-9 Crawford, 39-37 Porter.

Round five: Porter’s solid rights in the first exchange. The two shoot at two. The hard counter left land for Crawford. Porter returns with a right hand and seeks to maim in the melee. Another charge from Porter’s halfway through. Effective aggressiveness, nice series of hooks to the body and the head. Crawford pushes him away. 1-2 of Porter. Crawford targets the body late in the round. 10-9, 49-46 Carrier.

Round Six: Crawford’s early heavy artillery. Porter bursts in and tries to open up until they pick up the hook. Crawford’s body blow, another clinch. Goalkeeper 2-1. enters a clean left. Mid Road. Clinch, head clash that cuts Crawford. A crispy combo lands for him shortly after. Carry with phone booth shots. They exchange mighty hands inside. 10-9 Crawford, 58-56 Porter.

Seventh round: Crawford’s Jabs. Check the hook. 1-3. Porter straps in and hits with the other hand. Clinch. A solid backhand to the right of Porter causes a clinch in the corner at the halfway point. Jabs Sharp Crawford. Clean the meter on the left, pick up. Left hand to the body. Wear with another maul. Crawford’s left hands. 10-9 Crawford, 67-66 Porter.

Round Eight: The wicked counter combo lands for Crawford. Porter hits him with him inside but Crawford is so clean. Clinch. Crawford against left, clinch. Mid Road. Clean jab, just missing an indented uppercut. Clinch. Beautiful promontory to the right of Porter, then another which causes a clinch. Porter comes in strong but eats a muffled body shot in the process. Three-piece combo by Porter. 10-9 Crawford, 76-76.

Round Nine: Crawford’s Jabs. Check the hook again. Good head movement to avoid the next gust. Wear to the body. Halfway through. Body shots, Porter’s punches. They exchange blows. Nice exchange, Crawford’s heavy lefts. Unpleasant body work. Left counter up and down. 10-9, 86-85 Crawford.

Round 10: Crawford lands yet another heavy counter to the left and this one places Porter in his seat. Wear backup with a lot of time to spare. Crawford is stalking. absorbs an overhand right and returns with a combo that again drops Porter. Porter is pissed off and wants more, but Father Kenny cancels it.

End result: Crawford won. Carry by TKO (corner stop)

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