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Conor McGregor explains his plans to return with a different fighting style

Conor McGregor has suggested he plans to return with a different fighting style.

Speaking to LowKickMMA’s Keelin McNamara at the Bellator 275 event in Dublin, Ireland, McGregor spoke about his continued recovery from the leg injury he suffered last July. “Notorious” said in this regard:

“I feel good and strong, for sure…I’m getting there. Day after day, you know, day after day. I’m advised to take it slow, but I really feel like… I do a lot of shadowboxing, and I’m looking at how, you know, I develop a style.

Conor McGregor was taken out on a stretcher after sustaining a leg injury at #UFC264

McGregor suggested that he intended to create a mix/hybrid of his old style of karate with boxing and some new additions.

He recalled his first fight against longtime rival Dustin Poirier – a featherweight bout he won via first-round TKO. McGregor felt he used a perfect blend of boxing and acrobatic martial arts, including spinning attacks, in this fight.

He noted that in their rematch — a lightweight bout he lost via second-round TKO — he used more straight boxing with no kicks. “Notorious” added that in their trilogy fight — a lightweight bout he lost by first-round TKO due to injury — he used acrobatic martial arts and boxing.

McGregor continued:

“So I don’t want to go back and mix them again… It’s a balance.” McGregor said: “Every day is a lesson. We build and we improve. I’m happy with my low ground shots. I think people are going to start respecting different aspects of my game – my low shots, my high shots. I have a lot of different fighting styles.

Additionally, McGregor reiterated that he is not rushing his return, but still intends to accomplish a lot more in the days ahead.

Watch Conor McGregor’s conversation with Keelin McNamara in the video below:

Rashad Evans thinks Conor McGregor can make a successful comeback despite recent setbacks

Conor McGregor is on a two-fight losing streak and has not competed in several months due to his leg injury. He is expected to return later this year, but it is unclear who he will fight next. Many believe that these factors could have a negative impact on its future performance.

Nonetheless, MMA legend Rashad Evans seems to disagree. On the Podcast Patrick Bet-DavidEvans praised McGregor’s tremendous self-confidence and said:

“I think he can do it, I mean if anyone who can come back and do it, it’s McGregor because he was powered by belief. He’s one of those guys who was like (Muhammad) Ali; he said it and he went out and did so he could start over.”

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