CM Punk Confirms Retirement From UFC After Debut With AEW

PIPEBOMB! CM Punk is back.

As the self-proclaimed “Best of the World” makes a full-time return to the professional level struggle, we may have seen the last of a Phil Brooks in the Octagon, with the news that the 42-year-old has officially ended his career in UFC.

If you’re a wrestling fan and, unless you’ve lived under a rock for most of the past fortnight, you’ve seen CM Punk make its electric comeback, appearing in All the elite struggles for the first time last month.

After his familiar entry into the “Cult of Personality” rocked the United Center of his native Chicago into its foundations during AEW Rampage on August 20, the fan-favorite’s seven-year exodus ended in such a way. explosive with one of the most memorable comebacks in professional wrestling. the story.

His MMA career was a little less so, however, and as Punk trades one ring for another, he leaves behind a four-year career in the UFC, which, to be bluntly honest, never took off. Or canvas.

Initially given a chance at the UFC by the president Dana White, at UFC 181 on December 6, 2014, Punk announced that he had signed a multi-fight contract.

However, after injuring his shoulder and back during training, Punk didn’t make his MMA debut until 21 months later on September 10, 2016 at UFC 203 against Mickey Gall at the Quicken Loans. Cleveland Arena – the same place where he has the left WWE.

Punk’s debut was short and not particularly smooth, losing via the bare back choke submission early in the first round.

His second pro fight then came at UFC 225 in 2018, in his hometown of Chicago, against Mike Jackson. Punk showed promise, but ultimately lost by unanimous decision.

After White then urged Punk to “call it a wrap,” Punk no longer participated in the UFC. Three years after the fight, a no-challenge decision was then made after Jackson tested positive for marijuana.

Although he hasn’t competed in the UFC since 2018, Punk has remained in the company’s anti-doping program throughout 2020 and has been tested a total of six times. However, after not competing once this year, Punk’s exit from the UFC was obvious.



Having now signed a long-term formal agreement with Tony Khan and AEW, Punk is now back where he has become a household name, the professional wrestling world, despite his hopes of becoming a UFC star.

And perhaps that is a blessing for all parties involved.

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