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Ciryl Gane sends a snub to Francis Ngannou: “For me, it was wrong. That’s it.”

MMA fans have heard trainer Ciryl Gane talk about the viral snub that has spurred interest in his UFC 270 title unifier against Francis Ngannou. But until today, the interim champion had not spoken about it.

In the Monday edition of MMA time, interim UFC heavyweight champion Gane spoke out against Ngannou’s behavior behind the scenes at UFC 268, comparing it to a teaching moment he would have with his family.

In other words, when something is wrong, you have to report it.

“It’s wrong,” Gane said. “For me it was wrong. That’s it.”

Gane has said he has no desire to find himself in the middle of a public feud between his trainer Fernand Lopez and Ngannou, who has previously trained with them at the MMA Factory in Paris. But he echoed Lopez in expressing his disappointment over another person caught up in the drama: UFC middleweight Nassourdine Imamov, a longtime training partner of Ngannou who had just achieved an octagonal victory. before the awkward interaction.

Gane is not sure that Ngannou’s reaction would have been the same if he hadn’t been there. But the fact that whatever is happening is important enough that Ngannou ignores a colleague rubs him the wrong way.

“For me, I don’t know, it was just for Fernand Lopez,” he said. “But it was a bit [of] too bad, because you have your future opponent, you have your former sparring partner, [and] also Nassourdine Imamov.

“Nassourdine Imamov did a lot of sparring for Francis Ngannou, perhaps the biggest sparring he has had in his career. That’s why we were a little ashamed. He just won his fight at Madison Square Garden. C ‘that’s why it was a bit of a shame, that’s why it was a bit bad for me.

Apart from that, Gane has decided to stay detached from the personal context of his fight with Ngannou, which takes place on January 22 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif. He even didn’t care, recreating Ngannou’s snub behind the scenes of a football match. He can understand why the video took on a life of its own.

“Because it feels a bit like disrespect, and when people talk they like to click and repost and do something like that,” he said. “It’s normal.”

The video garnered nearly 715,000 likes on Instagram and was watched millions of times by fight fans, making it a centerpiece of pre-fight interviews. Another video of training footage between him and Ngannou sparked yet another round of back and forth between Lopez and his former student, adding even more drama to the build-up.

This was not the typical preamble to a fight with Gane. But the 31-year-old Frenchman doesn’t attribute that to what’s going on behind the scenes.

“It’s different, but not because he’s Francis – but because he’s the champion right now,” Gane said. “And the champion is a very great fighter, who has a lot of strength, and he is the final boss of my video game. But like every time, if I make a mistake, it will be okay. If I lose, I am Really okay with that. Like every fight in my career has been like this. But right now, yeah, I want to do the last leg. That’s why it’s a little different.