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In the most recent edition of Live Wrestling Observer with host, Bryan alvarez and co-host, Mike Sempervive, the duo interviewed trainer and seasoned veteran of the profession, Chris Silvio – discuss topics such as his and Matt Sydalwrestling school, SYDOJO, and more. Here are some highlights from the interview with Chris Silvio discussing: SYDOJO, the students entering the school and Silvio briefly discussing the MMA veteran, Blake’s Bulletproof Troop, who just played his first game recently. Here is more …

Chris talks briefly about when the school works and the wrestling styles he and Matt Sydal teach:

“Matt runs two days a week and I train Tuesdays and Fridays. It welcomes many more beginners and smaller wrestlers. Oddly enough, you know that smaller Cruiserweight style wrestlers gravitate towards Sydal. So what’s really cool about him is that he can teach them, you know, all this technique that he’s learned, where my technique is more technical, and based on amateur and professional wrestling. So I get a lot more heavyweights than women, stuff like that. But it’s okay, man; we have been operational for almost two years now.

Mike Sempervive asks Chris about the process of having amateur lessons to start students:

“I work more instead of just pumping, you know, 10 independent wrestlers to go do anything. I try to get people out who can go to the workplace; work for the NWA. It is AEW, NXT, all that. So like a lot of people who come to do it without any sporting experience, which is very common these days. They’re not used to being coached, they’re not necessarily used to being pushed, so it’s a bit difficult to reach them. Right now for my team, my Tuesday and Friday classes – I call my team “Death Proof” – and you kind of have to have a prerequisite to take my wrestling or combat, or high performance sport classes. . . “

Chris Silvio continues to talk about some of the current SYDOJO students:

“I have Blake Bulletproof Troop, my heavyweight who just debuted on Prime Time Live. He comes from the world of MMA. Jennacide with the NWA. She was a top swimmer, she does Muay Thai, she did BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). I have a women’s team that was former NCAA basketball players. I just hired a new guy this week to answer your question too Mike he was a swimmer and a college water polo and he’s been watching wrestling all this life so he loves it – because he had that high-level sports experience, it is super easy to coach; he’s been with me for a few weeks now. Last night I got her, brother, and she had double legs high. He learned to fight so, like, with someone like him… I teach him half-legitimate wrestling, then half-wrestling. So, he understands the way the human body moves. I find that like wrestlers … wrestlers, Jiu-Jitsu, you know, people like that have an easier time getting started because they understand the flow of body mechanics. So if I can kind of teach someone that, it’s going to make life a lot easier when we start trying to do some complicated bumps and moves and stuff that you’re going to see in 2021. “

Chris Silvio talks a bit more about Blake’s “Bulletproof” troupe and talks a bit about Blake’s era in MMA and why he wanted to get into pro wrestling:

“He was in the final of the Snake Pit USA wrestling heavyweight tournament. He’s had, I think, 15 MMA fights or something, but we’re pulling him out now and going full steam ahead – pro wrestling style. He just debuted on Prime Time Live and did a hell of a job. If you haven’t seen the game it took Jordan Clearwater, a very good talent in the making. I highly recommend checking this out. But yeah, he rocking out the door, literally.

Blake was a huge fan when he was a kid. Around his teens he started training in some martial arts and it kind of became his passion. A few years ago the wrestling bug stung and it kind of rekindled its bromance with wrestling, and it started with me about a year and a half ago. I also coach online, at Chris Silvio’s Superstar seminars, and Blake signed up for one of my psychology and character development classes – he had very little professional wrestling experience but he’s had a few workouts. But he was as green as the guy can be. So I worked with him on how to present Blake “Bulletproof” Troop, the MMA professional wrestling fighter. I always told him, you know, we’re gonna keep you and keep you in your wheelhouse because the guy’s got size, he’s got a lot of charisma. So I don’t want to change them and make them become a wrestling boss or put a mask on him, or something like that. I want him to be himself. So after about six months of my online program, you know, he was finally ready to move to Tampa and he’s been training with me and Sydal at SYDOJO for about a year now.


You can watch the full video interview here, or the audio version here. For more information on SYDOJO and if you are interested in becoming a professional wrestler, please do not hesitate to click here for more information. Feel free to follow Chris Silvio on Twitter at @TheChrisSilvio, Blake “Bulletproof” Troop at @ BigTroop22 or Jennacide at @ JENNACIDE000 for more on their next fight.

You can catch Blake “Bulletproof” Troop on October 30 at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, with Chris Silvio in his corner. Then on November 20 of the Hollywood Championship Wrestling. You can also see Jennacide in Mission professional wrestling on November 20 at the Big Event in New York on Saturday November 13 and Sunday November 14.

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