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Celsius Plans to Expand Crypto Hackathon Series After Successful NFT Hackathon

HOBOKEN, NJ, March 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Celsiusthe world’s leading cryptocurrency lending and borrowing platform, has announced plans to expand its hackathon series following the success of its recent NFT Hackathon event in Serbia.

“Hackathons are a way for Celsius to stay on the cutting edge of crypto,” said Celsius co-founder and CTO Nuke Goldstein. “The world is changing rapidly, and we know that the next great talent or idea can emerge from anywhere.”

The Celsius NFT hackathon, organized March 5-6 in Belgrade, explored the accessibility and adoption of NFTs through the Celsius platform. The event attracted 21 teams of developers, designers, artists, gallery owners and NFT enthusiasts, and awarded a total of $5,000 in price.

A spokesperson for winning team Easy We C00l said the hackathon itself was a big win. “In addition to positive and creative people, mentors, great organizations and acquiring new contacts, we were also able to learn more about the business side of the solution.”

In a statement, runner-up team Chikn Degens called the hackathon “well organized” with a “great and friendly” atmosphere that offered “an opportunity to meet and connect with many interesting people.”

Third place team BlockOps added their own praise for the event. “We had fun, we met some amazing minds,” said the team, which hopes to continue developing their hackathon idea.

Celsius is actively planning more hackathons around the world to showcase cutting-edge blockchain ideas and talent. Potential participants can check the Celsius website for upcoming events throughout the year.

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