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Tyson Fury traded challenges with Francis Ngannou, the new UFC heavyweight champion.

Fury exclaimed on social media, “Want some money from Gypsy King? You know where to find me!

“Want some power from Gypsy King? I’ll give it to you!”

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Francis Ngannou is the UFC heavyweight champion

“Anytime, anywhere, anywhere!”

Ngannou replied: “I will take care of [Jon Jones] first then come after Fury. “

The Cameroonian won the UFC heavyweight championship this month and has long been linked with a cross in the boxing ring.

Dillian Whyte recently said Sky Sports about Ngannou: “I believe I can beat him in both styles. I can beat him in MMA and boxing. I don’t think he has anything special, like they want.

“The guy is scared, so if doing MMA makes him feel better. If we have a cage fight first, he could take it, but if we offer him a boxing match, then he might say, ‘ No no no “.

Fury is set to face Anthony Joshua to decide on an undisputed heavyweight champion this summer.

He tagged Joshua: “A big useless back. Not a real fighter. A hype, crossfit, bodybuilder job.

“AJ let’s make this fight happen!

“I’m going to kick your ass and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“AJ, if you go three laps with me I’m going to stop around the corner because that’s how confident I am.”

*** FREE FOR EDITORIAL USE ***.  Derek Chisora ​​during Media Day Today, April 28, 2021 Photo by Dave Thompson Matchroom Boxing


Michael ‘Venom’ Page thinks it could be a bad night for Joseph Parker

Joseph parker


Joseph Parker insists he’s not afraid of heavyweight opponent Derek Chisora

Derek Chisora ​​was supported to beat Joseph Parker by Bellator MMA star Michael ‘Venom’ Page.

“I had a fight with him,” Page said. Sky Sports. “You must love Derek!”

“He wanted to experience what it would be like [to be kicked]. He didn’t like it so I think he will stick with boxing!

“I don’t think Parker will want to go along with him. Similar to his fight against Anthony Joshua, I think he will backtrack.

“So it’s Derek’s job to cross his feet and corner him to land.”

“Derek is hitting hard and Parker won’t want to be there for those shots.

“If you’re drawn into a war with Derek, he’ll win this battle.”

Watch Chisora ​​v Parker and Taylor v Jonas on Saturday, live on Sky Sports Box Office, from 6 p.m. ET. Book it via your Sky remote control or book it online here. Non-Sky TV subscribers can book and watch it here.

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Champ Kamaru Usman to exhibit Jorge Masvidal Sat, 24 Apr 2021 18:00:00 +0000

My column ‘Insight the Octagon’ lost another best bet on the UFC slate from last week as Drakkar Klose was forced out of his fight with Jeremy Stephens due to an injury he sustained when Stephens l ‘pushed during their face-off at the weigh-in. Stephens was a fan / betting favorite for this fight.

I then regarded the push as I do now as a clue as the pressure / desperation on Stephens was heavy. He knew full well that his only path to victory was to catch Klose in a toe to toe and knock him out early or get his face dominated if Klose showed up and fought the patient and intelligent fight.

Word is that this fight will be postponed quickly.

So we’re entering production for this week’s UFC 261 with three title fights in five rounds. Three title fights are impressive until a one-sided main event handicap requires the other two championship fights to be added to complete the mismatch.

Kamaru Usman -400
against Jorge Masvidal +310

(170 pounds) Championship

These two first faced off in July 2020. All we’ve heard – and still hear – is how little training time Masvidal had.

What bothers me about this line of thinking is this: Usman was expected and prepared for months to face former teammate Gilbert Burns when Masvidal was announced as a replacement six or seven days before the fight.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a short notice fight for both parties.

Of course, Usman was in camp for weeks to prepare for another fighter, but don’t get me wrong that of any fighter on the UFC roster, Masvidal is the prototypical professional fighter … if a fight takes place in the street, the octagon, the ring or parking lot, the guy never turns down the opportunity to fight, ever.

Kamaru Usman (left) and Jorge Masvidal look at each other ahead of their fight on Saturday.
Kamaru Usman (left) and Jorge Masvidal look at each other ahead of their fight on Saturday.
Getty Images

In addition, Masvidal since elementary school has been training in MMA daily and is still in good shape to fight. I wrote after the news of this fight was announced that Masvidal had prepared for his own fight against Usman until the UFC did not give him the dollars he demanded.

Masvidal, currently ranked fourth in the division, continued to go to the gym and train with his teammates even after Burns was announced as Usman’s opponent. So the position that Masvidal will get more training time for this fight is a trick to get Masvidal paid, outright.

In terms of fighting, these cats have spent 25 minutes together and they are aware of what the other brings. Usman has physical advantages in terms of height, youth, and arm and leg reach besides being the much taller and stronger man.

Usman is a world class wrestler, as is other GOAT welterweight Georges St-Pierre. Both are at the peak of welterweight greatness in the UFC, and that’s because of the fundamental wrestling base coupled with the other miscellaneous weapons every man has / possessed.

Usman’s striking is improving day by day, and his affiliation with Trevor Wittman and the professionals of the Elevation Fight Team has only improved Usman’s ability to compete as a mixed martial artist completely. equipped and dangerous wherever the fight goes.

Masvidal is a world class fighter and has been his entire life. However, after gaining recent riches, he began to sip champagne, wear Gucci dresses, and travel first class, which is indicative of longevity for some professions, but surely not for anyone involved in the arts. Championship-level mixed martial arts.

Masvidal is all about brand / money now, not fighting. He used the years of sweating and grinding to propel himself financially, and that’s a great story.

The fact remains, however, that Masvidal is undersized for this weight class even though he “smoked and mirrored” his way into that second payday. His only path to victory on Saturday is to surprise Usman with something unusual or catch Usman with a gimmick.

This fight will look exactly like the first fight with the only difference that Masvidal, with his mouth and manners, has now pissed off Usman, giving him more focus.

The result of Masvidal defrauding the MMA community and grabbing those Benjamins will provide him with a little more champagne money, but it will also cost him a full beating. He knows it, Usman knows it, and now readers know it.

Usman’s goal is to completely dominate Masvidal, and that’s exactly what I believe we’re going to see.

After this fight, Masvidal will have to chase other unranked and stranded fighters in the organization (Nate Diaz, Rafael dos Anjos, Tyron Woodley) for paydays, but he will have that brand underpinned and South Florida believing in his cunning.

On Saturday, Masvidal will be well paid, but he will also be completely on display in front of all his pals in this Florida location.

Total for this fight: 4.5 laps out of -180

Zhang Weili -200
against Rose Namajunas +170

Straw weight for women
(115 pounds) Championship

Angelo Dundee would always say that “styles make fights”, and this fight is heavy with varied styles.

These two athletes are world class competitors.

Namajunas deserves her No.1 ranking in the division, and in this fight she will hold some advantages in terms of youth, height and arm / leg over the champion. In standing battles, these measures offer a substantial advantage.

Along with many physical benefits, Namajunas’ experience will manifest in her athleticism in skillful footwork, which will be the basis of how she applies these physical advantages against her opponent.

Namajunas’ movement is smoother than Zhang’s, and in this fight, she will absolutely have to command the octagon and prevent the champion of China from gaining an inner position, where Zhang’s power can change any fight.

Zhang, who has won her last 20 pro fights, has pulverized refined attackers like Joanna Jedrzejczyk, and she dominates strong, aggressive grapplers like Jessica Andrade, so the belief is that she is well balanced, even though the elite of the division did not see her compete. from the ground a lot.

In this fight, Zhang faces off against Namajunas, however, and she is a more refined attacker than Jedrzejczyk. She’s also pretty formidable on the mat, just like Andrade. Namajunas’ full skill set makes it very difficult for Zhang.

As this fight unfolds, I’ll be interested to see how the conditioning, movement, and combat skills of the Namajuna will affect the less refined and more powerful Zhang.

I’m also upset with how Zhang’s relentless forward squeeze power strike will mentally affect the Namajunas once this fight hits double-digit minutes. If I have reservations about picking Namajunas in this fight, it’s because when this fight gets dirty, filthy and bloody, I know Zhang will keep pushing forward, while I have doubts about the sustainability. mental Namajunas in the absolute heat of a fight with Zhang.

How do the Namajunas deal with this pressure and how will Zhang deal with the Namajuna’s IQ, movement, experience and diverse combat arsenal?

Zhang -190 (best bet of stage 1)

Total for this fight: 4.5 laps out of -140

Valentina Shevchenko -450
vs. Jessica Andrade +340

Flyweight for women
(125 pounds) Championship

While Amanda Nunes gets all the attention for being one of the greatest female athletes in the UFC, I think she has very little about Shevchenko when the body of work of every fighter is looked at.

Shevchenko is simply a Kyrgyz fighting machine. Born and raised to fight, she has all the tools, focus, and motivation to be as gifted a fighter as there is. She is dominant at all levels of mixed martial arts, and at 33, she shows little sign of being defeated by anyone in the 125 pound weight class.

Andrade, the top-ranked challenger, is the youngest fighter, but she gives up the height and reaches the left-handed champion.

Andrade has to work to gain an inside position on Shevchenko in order to soften her with powerful punches, which will slow down the champion and allow Andrade to engage with her more easily. Andrade surely wants to handle Shevchenko all the way to the mat, where she thinks she has the advantage, then rain elbows and fists on the champion.

Shevchenko has all the skills on the mat that Andrade has, so if this fight goes to the ground, Shevchenko will be aggressive and willful.

Ideally, however, Shevchenko should use her height, length and reach to maintain distance from Andrade in charge, using footwork to effectively counterattack the Brazilian as she pushes her way. inside to engage. Shevchenko’s knees / legs become important tools as she attempts to use angles to put her shin on Andrade’s chin.

This is a fight in which Shevchenko could well end Andrade.

Total for this fight: 4.5 turns out of -110

Chris Weidman -125 vs. Uriah Hall +105

Average weight (185 pounds)

These two men fought in 2010, when every fighter was as green as a cucumber. Weidman, a famous wrestler, knocked out Hall, a deadly striker, in the first round. Hall has been devastated by the loss ever since.

Weidman knocking out Hall then is ironic because Weidman’s strike is only average now. Then it was undeveloped and unrefined, which makes the result more surprising. Yesterday and today, Weidman’s wrestling is at the top of the food chain, not to mention the top of the division, so it will be his sole focus to take Hall’s distance away and bring this fight to the ground.

Hall is a dangerous power forward who has struggled with consistency in his fights. As I cripple him, Hall’s past struggles were related to a lack of mental toughness and courage in some fights.

Since starting training at Fortis MMA in Texas, however, Hall has found focus, flash, explosion and, most importantly, real inner confidence. He will look to keep this fight standing to try and hit Weidman with kicks and kicks in revenge on the former champion.

Total for this fight: 2.5 turns out of -110

Brendan Allen -160 vs. Karl Roberson +135

Average weight (185 pounds)

The unranked middleweights get it in a fight which will be decided based on where it takes place.

If striker Roberson manages to keep that right, he will retain the advantage over a skillful grappler at Allen, who is a moderately successful striker with less than effective strike defense in that he blocks strikes with his face. .

However, if Allen is able to push in, force Roberson against the fence, then down the ground, the advantage is immediately transferred to Allen, who will be aggressive in his attempt to smother Roberson without responding.

Best bet: Zhang -190 / Allen -140 parlay pay: +1.62 units

Total for this fight: 1.5 turns out of -130

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Who is Zhang Weili, the Chinese UFC champion who fights on Saturday? Fri, 23 Apr 2021 05:51:39 +0000

Days before the fight to defend her league title, Zhang Weili, China’s most famous mixed martial arts fighter, felt her opponent trying to get under her skin.

The opponent, the Lithuanian-American fighter Rose Namajunas, had framed their confrontation for the 115-pound title of the Ultimate Fighting Championship as nothing less than an ideological fight between freedom and communism. “Better dead than red,” Ms. Namajunas said, using a McCarthy-era anti-Communist slogan.

But Ms. Zhang, 30, a straw who lost only one of her 22 professional fights, was not about to take the bait.

“We’re just athletes,” Ms. Zhang said in an interview in Jacksonville, Fla., Where she will face Ms. Namajunas in front of a sold-out crowd on Saturday.

“Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you are so important,” she added.

Ms. Zhang may be modest about her own importance, but to her millions of fans, she is not only one of the greatest fighters in the world. Standing 5 feet 3 inches tall, Ms. Zhang has become a true, albeit reluctant, symbol of women’s rights and a national hero.

To viewers (and opponents) outside of her home country, she is the impactful face of a modern and assertive China and its Communist Party. For her government, she is the pride of the nation and a godsend for propaganda. To her female fans, she is a role model whose disregard for gender stereotypes has pushed the boundaries of what it means to be a Chinese woman.

For Ms. Zhang, however, such a speech is little more than a distraction. The fighter could easily wrap the Chinese flag around her shoulders after a victory, but she rarely speaks politics in public. She doesn’t have much to say about women’s rights and doesn’t consider herself a feminist. “What does this term even mean?” She asked, looking genuinely puzzled.

When not beating her opponents with powerful punches and kicks, Ms. Zhang belittles herself and is even goofy. She loves a good selfie filter and straightens up whenever the conversation turns into food.

But his colleagues say that beneath its sunny exterior hides a spirit focused solely on winning. This intensity, they say, propelled Ms. Zhang, the daughter of a coal worker, to the top of the UFC world rankings.

“No matter how many belts she wins, she doesn’t change,” said Cai Xuejun, Ms. Zhang’s coach since 2013. “We’re already at the top and she’s always thinking about how to improve.

Saturday’s fight will be Ms. Zhang’s first since March of last year, when she successfully defended her title in an epic five-round battle in Las Vegas against Polish fighter Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

At the time, China was still trying to bring the coronavirus under control and the United States was not yet stuck. Weeks before the fight, Ms. Jedrzejczyk posted a poster photographed of herself in a gas mask next to Ms. Zhang. She later apologized for shedding light on the virus.

“My country is ravaged by the epidemic,” said Ms. Zhang, moved, with her face barely recognizable by the swelling, after the fight. “I hope China wins the battle; the epidemic is a common enemy of humanity. “

While such patriotic rhetoric might suggest otherwise, Ms. Zhang was trained outside the state-controlled sports machine that grooms Chinese Olympians. Instead, the champion known to fans as “Magnum” discovered the love of fighting on her own.

Growing up in Northern Hebei Province, Ms. Zhang was an energetic child. She frequently fought with her two older brothers and was once caught trying to escape her kindergarten by climbing the walls. To keep her busy, her mother dug holes in the ground for the 5-year-old to practice jumping. Over time, the holes got deeper.

“My mother was very supportive of me,” Ms. Zhang recalls. “She always told me that girls should be independent and not weak.”

When she was 13, Ms. Zhang enrolled in a martial arts academy in Handan, a city with a deep-rooted fighting tradition.

The school, which focused on the sanda, a form of kickboxing developed by the Chinese military, instilled in him a sense of discipline.

Of her 500 students, Ms. Zhang was only one of 30 girls.

“When I was a kid, before I started training in martial arts, I did a lot of fighting,” she said. “Later, I stopped looking for my own fights – I just fought on behalf of other people.”

Although she won a provincial sanda championship, a recurring back injury forced Ms. Zhang to quit the sport at the age of 17. Her parents suggested that she go to beauty school to become a hairdresser.

No way, Ms. Zhang remembers thinking. “I wanted to find my own way,” she says. She bought a one-way ticket to Beijing.

For the next six years, Ms. Zhang drifted to the capital and worked odd jobs, including as a hotel receptionist, kindergarten teacher, and security guard.

Ms. Zhang was working in a gymnasium in the early 2010s when she started to practice mixed martial arts. She liked the way MMA incorporated multiple styles of fighting, unlike traditional forms like kung fu.

She made the leap to professional fighting in 2013, and in 2018 she signed with the UFC The following year, she knocked out Brazilian fighter Jessica Andrade in just 42 seconds, winning the women’s strawweight title and becoming the first Chinese champion in UFC history.

Ms. Zhang has since become a national star. State-run news organizations called her “China’s most capable fighter” and “woman warrior in the East.”

After her victory last year in Las Vegas, she was drafted by the Communist Youth League to make a video encouraging young Chinese people to “dedicate their best youth to your beloved homeland.” Around the same time, the American cosmetics company Estée Lauder named it its brand ambassador in China.

On Chinese social media, Ms. Zhang often posts videos about her training sessions and her schnauzer, Miu, for her 5.5 million subscribers. Her fans frequently write on the inspiration of her rejection of traditional notions of how a woman should look and behave. Some people also speculate on her love life – she says she’s single – and joke that someone would dare date her given her violent occupation.

“These people don’t understand me. They only see who I am inside the octagon, ”Ms. Zhang said, referring to the eight-sided ring in which UFC fights take place.

From her UFC earnings alone, Ms. Zhang has earned around $ 1 million, according to her agent. Despite this success, she said, not much in her life has changed. She still rents a house on the outskirts of Beijing with seven other people, including her trainer and one of her brothers. She still trains five hours a day at the nearby Black Tiger Fight Club.

Ms. Zhang’s fame in China has been a boon to the UFC, which has actively expanded its presence in the country, including opening a $ 13 million training center in Shanghai.

“She’s been the tide that lifts all boats,” said Kevin Chang, UFC senior vice president for the Asia-Pacific region.

A few days before her confrontation with Ms. Namajunas on Saturday, Ms. Zhang said she felt good. She had already started torturing herself looking at pictures of the foods she hoped to eat after the fight. (Ice cream and steamed buns are some of her favorites, she said.)

Had she thought about what she would say in the octagon if she won? Could there be another passionate plea for humanity?

She wasn’t sure, but just in case she had an English signature line in her back pocket that she sometimes used after a win.

“My name is Zhang Weili!” she cries triumphantly. “I am from China – remember me!”

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Here’s everything you missed in the Jake Paul Triller Fight Club game (So. Much. Drama.) – Celeb Secrets Mon, 19 Apr 2021 21:50:45 +0000

Last Saturday (April 17), the YouTube star turned pro-boxer, Jake paul, generated 1.5 million pay-per-view purchases during his highly anticipated Triller Fight Club match with a retired MMA fighter Ben askren, which was short lived after Paul knocked out Askren in the first round.

The fight took place in Atlanta, Georgia, and is expected to net the 24-year-old YouTuber millions of dollars in addition to the $ 700,000 he has already earned. The quick win marks Paul’s career 3-0 since he started fighting professionally earlier this year.

“I told you all I was going to do it in the first round. I told you I was a real fighter. I don’t know how many times I have to prove to myself that it’s for real ” he said after landing a single one two over the head on Askren and having the referee say that the UFC fighter couldn’t continue the fight.

Of course, a PPV fight isn’t the same without a few special guests, and the Paul-Askren brawl was no different.

TikTokers and influencers Charli and Dixie D’Amelio were present and also participated in the fight by presenting the belt to Paul, which many people were upset about and wondered why the infamous sisters were a part of it.

The D’Amelio sisters paid no attention to the haters with Dixie posting on her social media about it and Charli sharing a few videos of herself and her friends behind the scenes of the fight, on a TikTok secret account– Which has now gone viral.

@ user4350486101671♬ original sound – Dixie D’Amelio

With the sisters D’Amelio, another TikTok star and now a pop singer Addison rae was also present with her ex-boyfriend Bryce Room and the rumor of the new beau, singer Jack harlow. Yes, you read that right. And yes, it got a bit complicated.

Rae was seen with Hall and Harlow throughout the night, but especially with Harlow as the night wore on. Everything seemed dandy until Hall shared his feelings about the seething love triangle.

“Downgrade,” he tweeted then deleted before following it up with “I’m about to explode man.”

Hall then wrote, “F * cking me, tell me you love me then sneak up with someone else… it hurts.”

This put Braddison fans into a frenzy and rumors circulated about Rae cheating on Hall with Harlow before the ex-couple broke up a few weeks ago.

Although neither Hall nor Rae commented on the matter, they no longer follow each other on Instagram which makes many people believe that rumors may have some part of the truth. Especially after it looks like Hall liked an Instagram post talking about all of the drama.

Besides the influencer drama, the brawl also had a star roster of perfomers including Justin bieber, Doja cat, Saweetie, The black keys, Major Lazer, and a Mount. Westmore–A new superstar Rap group with hip hop icons Snoop dogg, Ice Cube, E-40, and Too much $ hort.

Phew! It was a lot of information to process, but we hope you got it all. Did you see the Triller Fight Club match and any of the performances? Did you know that one of these dramas happened? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a reaction below or send us a tweet @celebsecrets.

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UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs. Gastelum Sat, 17 Apr 2021 23:45:24 +0000

UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Gastelum – Andrei Arlovski vs Chase Sherman – Predictions and Analysis, Date, Time, LIVE

UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Gastelum – Andrei Arlovski vs Chase Sherman – Predictions and Analysis –

The UFC heavyweight division will be on display tomorrow as veteran fighter Andrei Arlovski takes on newcomer Chase Sherman on UFC Fight Night’s main card: Whittaker vs. Gastelum.

This will be Arlovski’s 53rd fight in his professional MMA career, and he will be looking to increase the number of wins in his win column. His record is an incredible 30-20-2. If the 42-year-old loses this fight, he will indeed consider the prospect of retirement now.

This is Arlovski’s second stint with the UFC after joining the organization in 2000 and leaving it in 2008. However, he joined the UFC in 2014 after some fantastic displays for the World Series of Fighting. His opponent, Chase Sherman, went through the same thing.

Sherman joined the UFC in 2016 after amassing an impressive 9-1 record. However, his first stint in the UFC didn’t go very well, as he held a 2-5 record in seven fights. He was kicked out of the UFC after losing three fights in a row, but made his way through.

He won three fights in a row for Island Fights and beat Isaac Villanueva for his comeback fight in the UFC. A win for Sherman would help him in his attempt to break the official UFC rankings for the heavyweight division. However, a loss could mean he is set to be cut from the UFC again.

Andrei Arlovski vs. Chase Sherman: Fighting Styles and Stats

Sherman holds a 15-6 record and is a knockout artist. He likes to keep the fight on the field and trade punches. He has won 14 of his 15 KO victories and has only been eliminated four times.

However, that would make the game of Arlovski, who is a knockout artist, but also has a respectable arsenal of submissions and wrestling. Arlovski won 17 fights by KO, but he loses his stage. His last knockout victory was against Travis Browne in 2015.

If the fight goes to the ground it will favor the veteran as he has developed a number of skills over the two decades he competed in the MMA world.

Prediction: Chase Sherman via KO in the second round.

Everything You Need To Know About UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Gastelum: Location, Date, Start Time & Stream Info, Fight Card

What time does UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Gastelum start? – Date

The preliminary card starts April 18 at 4:30 am IST.

When and where does UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs. Gastelum take place? – Location

UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs. Gastelum takes place at UFC Apex, Las Vegas.

What time will UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Gastelum Live start in India?

UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Gastelum Live in India starts at 7:30 am

Also Read: UFC Fight Night Whittaker vs. Gastelum LIVE – Robert Whittaker vs. Kelvin Gastelum…

Where to watch UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Gastelum live in India on TV?

UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs. Gastelum: Fight Live Streaming Sony Ten 2 and Sony Ten 3 will broadcast the main map live in India

How to watch UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Gastelum live streaming online?

Online streaming of UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs. Gastelum will be available from Sonyliv. Sony LIV. In the United States, it will be broadcast live on Pay-Per-View, exclusively via ESPN +.

UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs. Gastelum

Weight class All fights on SONY TEN 2 and SONY TEN 3 channels
Average weight

(Main event)

Robert whittaker Vs. Kelvin Gastelum
Light toe

(Co-Main Event)

Jeremy stephens Vs. Drakkar Klose
Heavy weight toe Andrei Arlovski Vs. Chase Sherman
Middleweight fight Abdul Razak Alhassan Vs. Jacob Malkoun
Light toe Luis Pena Vs. Alex Munoz

Everything You Need To Know About UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Gastelum: Location, Date, Start Time & Stream Info, Fight Card

What time does UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Gastelum start? – Date

The preliminary card starts April 18 at 4:30 am IST.

When and where does UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs. Gastelum take place? – Location

UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs. Gastelum takes place at UFC Apex, Las Vegas.

What time will UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Gastelum Live start in India?

UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Gastelum Live in India starts at 7:30 am

Where to watch UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Gastelum live in India on TV?

UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs. Gastelum: Fight Live Streaming Sony Ten 2 and Sony Ten 3 will broadcast the main map live in India

How to watch UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Gastelum live streaming online?

Online streaming of UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs. Gastelum will be available from Sonyliv. Sony LIV. In the United States, it will be broadcast live on Pay-Per-View, exclusively via ESPN +.

UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs. Gastelum

Weight class All fights on SONY TEN 2 and SONY TEN 3 channels
Average weight

(Main event)

Robert whittaker Vs. Kelvin Gastelum
Light toe

(Co-Main Event)

Jeremy stephens Vs. Drakkar Klose
Heavy weight toe Andrei Arlovski Vs. Chase Sherman
Middleweight fight Abdul Razak Alhassan Vs. Jacob Malkoun
Light toe Luis Pena Vs. Alex Munoz

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Yuta Watanabe learns to balance selfishness and selflessness Sat, 17 Apr 2021 14:36:32 +0000

The Toronto Raptors play a very team-oriented brand of offensive basketball.

The vast majority of their offensive possessions are either in transition or in one of two categories. They are either what Raptors coach Nick Nurse calls “the next basketball action” or his “drive kick and swing” attack. Essentially, these latter two styles rely on performing a series of actions or attempting to collapse the defense around the dribble penetration to create an advantage either with a kick-out pass or a chain. actions until the defense is forced to turn.

To be successful in the scheme, the nurse needs her players to find the perfect balance between selfishness and altruism. A selfish player will attempt a shot when there isn’t one, but a disinterested player will squander an advantage, forcing the Raptors to start looking for another opportunity as precious seconds slip by on the shot clock.

Sometimes this season, it’s this last issue that Yuta Watanabe has struggled with. His basketball IQ is so high and he’s so team-oriented that he sometimes refused to enjoy a good shot.

“He’s so selfless, he does so much cutting and flying on offense, and he’s precious with that, he’s a bullet engine, a nobody’s engine,” Nurse said earlier this month. “If he has a straight line training he has to score, and if there are several defenders in there he has to [pass] and do that on a slightly higher level. ”

Part of that lack of aggression can be attributed to an ankle injury that Watanabe treated earlier in the season. It didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, but Nurse said he believed it might have hampered the Japanese forward’s attack ability.

However, that seems to be changing. Watanabe has been making the most of his opportunities lately and has started attacking the advantages both in transition and in half court. On Friday, he scored 21 points, a career-high and, more importantly, seven shots, a career-high in 11 attempts.. Some of them came on aggressive dribbling penetration and didn’t pass up ideal opportunities.

“It’s good to see, isn’t it? It’s good to see. I mean he’s, well, he’s really becoming a threat,” the nurse said Friday night.

Nothing Watanabe did was particularly striking. He had a few good buckets out of dribbling, but that’s not necessarily what the Raptors need from him when everyone is healthy and playing together. For him, it’s just about making the most of the benefits of the Toronto attack. When there is a chance to score, Watanabe has to seize it.

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Mortal Kombat Movie Clip Shows Scorpion vs Sub-Zero Fight Sat, 17 Apr 2021 13:41:00 +0000

Legendary game rivals Scorpion and Sub-Zero show off their powers and go head-to-head in an action-packed short clip from the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie.

New Warner Bros.’s music video coming soon Mortal combat the film shows Scorpion and Sub-Zero facing each other. The latest film adaptation of the famous video game franchise of the same name is that of a young MMA fighter, Cole Young, who finds himself embroiled in interdimensional conflict after discovering his true legacy. Young becomes familiar with video game legends such as Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden, and Liu Kang as he fights to defend Earthrealm from Outworld.

Anyone who knows the video game series knows that Mortal combat is most famous for its gratuitous violence. The fighters engage in one-on-one martial arts fights that spill a lot of blood. Bloody finishing moves called Fatalities see characters stab, tear, and sometimes cannibalize their opponents. It just wouldn’t be Mortal combat without the carnage. Lewis Tan, who plays Cole in the film, says gore will be present in this adaptation but it will be tasteful.

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A clip shared on YouTube by Bloody disgusting shows Scorpion and Sub-Zero clash in our first look at the fight. The 27-second video sees the couple fighting in a frozen arena seen in previous promotional material. Sub-Zero creates a blade out of the ice and holds his own until Scorpion seems to get the better of him with his iconic kunai on a chain. Before Scorpion can complete Sub-Zero, he slips away creating an ice clone of himself. Check out the clip for yourself below:

Although it’s less than 30 seconds, the clip leaves a good impression of what the action will look like in Mortal combat. Their iconic abilities and special powers have been seamlessly integrated into their fighting styles. Without providing too much context for the story, the short sequence highlights the set design and camera work that complements their fluid combat. Hiroyuki Sanada in Scorpio and Joe Taslim in Sub-Zero demonstrate impressive martial arts skills. All that’s missing is free blood.

Any good sign is a blessing, as video game adaptations are notoriously hit and miss, and Mortal combat the adaptations demonstrated the two ends of the spectrum. The first is considered one of the best video game movies of all time, while its sequel has been widely swept away and put an end to hopes for a third entry. There are indications that the 2021 reboot will prove to be for the best, right from the start Mortal combat critics call the film fiercely amusing. If the rest of the action matches the quality of this clip, fans are sure to be in for a treat.

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  • Mortal Kombat (2021)Release Date: April 23, 2021

Brian oconner dom retcon nissan skyline fast and furious 9

F9 could reprise a Fast and Furious 4 Dom and Brian scene

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“I don’t know how tough Paul Kid is” – Richard Flair leans over Ben Askren vs. Jake Paul Sat, 17 Apr 2021 05:57:00 +0000

YouTube star Jake Paul will frame ‘Funky’ Ben Askren on April 17 at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Fighting is one of the most anticipated events of 2021. Askren is an MMA fighter who has been a champion in several MMA organizations including ONE Championship and Bellator MMA.


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Following the official weigh-ins for the event, the spotlight was on many of the celebrities attending the event. One of them was WWE legend Ric Flair. ‘The Nature Boy’ was interviewed by MMA Junkie, who asked him about the main event.

Flair said, “This is my first event and I’m not sure what to think. It’s amazing the power of the stars that people are here attending an event. It says a lot and you know you have a Wisconsin National Champion.


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Flair continued, “And I don’t know how tough the Paul kid is, you better be tough if he’s fighting a guy or fighting a guy with a two-time national champion. I’m a huge fan of anything competitive like this and delighted they invited me.

Jake Paul hasn’t fought anyone like ‘Funky’ Ben Askren

“ The Nature Boy ” seemed very excited about the fight and praised Askren in the interview, but he has doubts about “ the tenacity of The Problem Child.

Paul hasn’t faced a real boxer or a real fighter so far, and this is the first time he will face a real fighter like Ben Askren. Even though ‘Funky’ had an impressive record of 19 wins and 2 losses in MMA, the fight still looks very competitive, as Askren is not the most decorated striker.

MIAMI, FLORIDA – JANUARY 29: Jake Paul during the weigh-in for Miami Fight Night on January 29, 2020 in Miami, Florida. Paul will fight AnEsonGib in a game at the Meridian at Island Gardens in Miami on January 30. (Photo by Eric Espada / Getty Images)

He relied heavily on his wrestling and therefore avoided hitting in his MMA career. A lot of people think this is the reason Jake Paul chose “Funky” as his opponent.

The 2-0 boxer predicted he would stop “Funky” in the first two rounds of the bout; Askren predicted that he would crush Paul and ultimately the TKO in the later stages of the fight.


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Guys like Zab Judah and Frank Mir thinks “The Problem Child” is working very hard to be a legitimate boxer and will cause a lot of trouble for his opponent in the ring. While many people including Dana White will bet a million dollars on Ben Askren.

Who do you think will emerge victorious from the final confrontation of their week?


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‘I’m just his dog’ – Tyron Woodley says he will give Ben Askren ‘moral support’

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“ Bet your house ” on May 1, win Dvalishvili Fri, 16 Apr 2021 20:58:58 +0000

ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – JULY 16: Cody Stamann has his hands wrapped before his fight during the UFC Fight Night event inside the Flash Forum on UFC Fight Island on July 16, 2020 in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, Emirates United Arabs. (Photo by Mike Roach / Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Cody Stamann (19-3-1 MMA, 5-2-1 UFC) will seek to avoid the wrestling heavy approach of Merab Dvalishvili (12-4 MMA, 5-2 UFC) and return to the wins column when the two bantamweight collide at the UFC event on May 1.

Cody Stamann vs. Merab Dvalishvili

Stamann noted Dvalishvili as a tough fighter who has been able to implement his fight over everyone he has fought in the UFC so far. “The Spartan” also gave props to Dvalishvili’s cardio, although Stamann believes he has experienced Dvalishvili’s approach throughout his own career.

“I came to the Midwest where everyone is primarily a wrestler who is all good,” Stamann told MMASucka. “I fought tough wrestlers in the UFC before Merab. Maybe not someone who will shoot you 30 times. I fought Bryan Caraway and he shot me 25 times. As an adversary, I have been here before.

Stamann made a split decision over Caraway in March 2018 in what was only his third UFC appearance. He noted that Caraway and Dvalishvili both exhibit different wrestling styles, as Caraway is an American, while Dvalishvili is from the country of Georgia who has since moved to Long Island, New York.

“Caraway is more of an American style wrestler,” Stamann said. “He’s going to shoot for your legs. A lot of Russians and Georgians are upper body guys. They’re better at melee than maybe Caraway. It’s the same kind of deal. You have a guy who is a bit sloppy. All of his offense on his feet is a way to get a takedown. “

Stamann said he grew up fighting opponents who sought to defeat him.

“If there’s one aspect of my MMA game that I trust and rely on, it’s my takedown defense,” Stamann said. “It brought me to the show. It got me to where I am today. For me stylistically, this fight is a great game. I couldn’t quite understand why Merab wanted to take it. I don’t know if he had anything to prove or what the deal was, or maybe I was the only person offered to him. I do not know. If I were Merab, I would have fought anyone but me.

Stamann’s response to Georgian fans

Stamann said the only time he had felt a comparable motivation to win a fight was when he was fighting. Brian Kelleher in June 2020 after the sudden death of his 18-year-old brother, Jacob Stamann, a week and a half before the fight. Cody Stamann defeated Kelleher by unanimous decision in what was one of his sharpest performances in the UFC.

When Stamann signed on to fight Dvalishvili, some Georgia fans took to Stamann’s social media accounts to leave comments that targeted his family.

“My family is something I hold and cherish,” Stamann said. “It’s the most important thing in my life for me. A lot of Georgian fans, when this fight was originally signed, they said some nasty things about my deceased brother and my mother. Stuff unrelated to the fighting. It really burned a hole in me. It bothered me deeply. I’m hanging on to that, as unhealthy as that might be, because if I’m having a hard time motivating myself to fuck ass, work hard, I think about what these people said, and all of a sudden , I am the most motivated human on Earth. “

Stamann made it clear that he was not generalizing the Georgians as a whole.

“I believe 99.9% of Georgians are probably great people,” he said. “I don’t know the culture. I don’t know the people. The people who fell under my skin, they took him to a place where there was no need to go. It really started a fire under my ass.

When asked what his message was to fans who were targeting his family, Stamann said:

“Bet your house on this fight. Bet your whole house. Bet everything you own.

Being the underdog

Stamann is currently an underdog of +175, according to several punters listed on Dvalishvili is a -220 favorite on some bookies.

Stamann said the underdog etiquette was not a familiar sentiment to him. He was seen as the underdog against Tom duquesnoy, current champion Aljamain Sterling and Song yadong. Stamann beat Duquesnoy and drew with Yadong in a fight that many believe Stamann won.

Stamann, however, said the label of outsider was justified against Dvalishvili.

“If you look at my last performance and Merab’s last performance, that makes sense. I had an absolutely terrible performance against Jimmie rivera. I didn’t look good at all. If that’s what people rely on, I understand why I would be an underdog. I would make me an outsider too. I think anytime you’ve got someone as stubborn as a wrestler like Merab there’s a good chance you’re not a favorite in that fight.

Stamann thinks bettors may have forgotten that he is a top wrestler himself.

“I’m known for taking guys down,” he said. “If you look at the level of opponent that Merab and I faced, it’s not even close. I only fought ranked opponents. Merab has a ranked opponent under his belt in John Dodson. Other than that, he hasn’t really fought anyone at my level.

Stamann holds UFC wins over Duquesnoy, Caraway, Kelleher, Alejandro perez and Terrion Ware. Dvalishvili’s CV features prevail over Dodson, Casey kenney, and Ware, to name a few.

Stamann laughed when he heard that Dvalishvili had called a rising prospect “Sugar”. Sean O’Malley for a fight in July – two months after he and the Georgian have to fight.

“I think he makes a huge mistake calling anyone after fighting me,” Stamann said. “The chances of Merab getting Sean O’Malley are slim to none. It is quite surprising. Merab seems like a pretty humble guy, but maybe I was looking down on him.

“He thinks he’s going to have Sean; I mean, maybe. After they beat it really well, they’ll give it to Sean O’Malley, because that’s the kind of fights Sean O’Malley has… IIf you win and you’re on a roll, you’re not fighting Sean O’Malley. You have to lose a few in a row to get the fight against O’Malley. If you were good, but lost four fights in a row, Sean O’Malley is your guy.

Stamann’s last fight was against Rivera in July 2020. He took the fight on five days notice across the ocean to Abu Dhabi.

“It was the shell of a human who went over there and fought it,” Stamann said. “I know I have improved. I’ve been training with the same guys for a year and a half. I can see the gap. It is getting bigger and bigger every day. I know I am better. I know I can compete with the best. I’m dying to be able to prove it.

Preparation of Cody Stamann

Stamann was originally scheduled to fight Dvalishvili in December before the fight failed. He was next to fight Andre Ewell in February before Ewell stepped down. Askar Askar almost stepped in to fight Stamann on that same event, but Askar was not medically cleared.

“It takes a long time to prepare for something. I have never been so disappointed or so active in the gym for so long. I am the best athlete of my life. “

Stamann says Dvalishvili would have held up better if they had fought in December. From now on, Stamann feels he has had plenty of time to prepare for the Georgian’s pace.

“It’ll either be a 15-minute wrestling match or a five-minute wrestling match, and then I’m going to dance on Merab’s unconscious fucking body,” Stamann said.

Cody Stamann and Merab Dvalishvili are scheduled to face off on Saturday May 1 at a UFC event where the venue has yet to be released, according to the Tapology roster. The event is expected to be headlined by a light heavyweight match between Dominick reyes and Jiri Prochazka.

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UFC on ESPN 22 ‘Whittaker vs Gastelum’ Fri, 16 Apr 2021 20:28:58 +0000

Sign up for ESPN + and then you can stream UFC live to your smart TV, computer, phone, tablet, or streaming device through the ESPN app.

Most of the Ultimate Fighting Championship has scheduled this ESPN event this way. Although his original headliner changed when Paulo Costa suffered an illness, it was largely a one-fight event on ESPN from the start. He sees a plethora of fighters entering their fights with UFC records of .500 or worse. Despite the lack of richness in a matchmaking sense, there are still ways to make a profit in the UFC on the ESPN 22 edition of Prime Picks.

In some ways, this headliner’s transformation from Whittaker-Costa to Whittaker-Kelvin Gastelum is an improvement, as the two middleweights share history as opposing coaches in Season 28 of “The Ultimate Fighter.” “. These two were originally slated to win the title at UFC 234, purely for emergency surgery for Whittaker, forcing the then-champion out of the game. The promotion wisely put this game back in place when Costa fell out of this fight, and it’s convincing for a number of reasons. Even though Whittaker is a pretty big -250 bet favorite, it can be the perfect line in this game depending on the skills and styles of the two present. There is money to be made on Whittaker, even with this line, as it seems to be his fight to win across the board.

Gastelum, winner of Season 17 of “The Ultimate Fighter”, has been quite inconsistent since suffering his first welterweight loss to Tyron Woodley where he was hugely underweight. Although he made his promotional debut at 185 pounds, he switched between that division and welterweight as he tried to find himself. Since his official return to middleweight against Tim Kennedy in 2016, Gastelum has maintained a record of .500 with impressive wins and half-hearted losses. Gastelum snapped his very first losing skid in February by capturing a decision over Ian Heinisch to stay in the running, and it’s once again a leap forward in the competition based on recent lackluster performances. Against Heinisch, Gastelum recalled the division of his wrestling chops and punching power, although he had long been able to crack. This is where he will be the most dangerous against Whittaker, and “Bobby Knuckles” cannot get reckless.

Whittaker’s stock plummeted more than most when Israel Adesanya devastated him at the end of 2019. Two Top 10 wins over Darren Till and Jared Cannonier ultimately got him into this game, but he didn’t. no less dangerous than he was during his title race. . Whether it’s diving for a head kick or mixing takedowns to catch Till unknowingly, his varied skills give him a lot of work against his former coaching rival. Whittaker’s kicks are devastating high and low, but he’ll have to disguise them and not just throw bare kicks and allow counters. Even when Whittaker takes damage, his recovery ability is nearly unbeatable, and only kickboxers Stephen Thompson and Adesanya were able to put him aside. The cardio advantage is radically in Whittaker’s favor – look no further than the trainers’ run on “The Ultimate Fighter,” where Whittaker ran the laps in the dead of a Las Vegas summer while Gastelum lifted himself up – and the longer this fight lasts, the more likely Whittaker will sail. There are two options tied to this game for the big favorite: the fight goes to decision at -130 or Whittaker wins by decision at +150 depending on how you think this match is going.

The return to lightness for Jeremy Stephens could be a loser for the longtime vet, as he regains weight to face a dangerous but unranked Klose. It could mean the end of Stephens’ tenure in the UFC with a loss. Stephens’ first 14 UFC appearances weighed 155 pounds and he fell to featherweight from 2013-2020 to reinvent his career. Despite that, Stephens still hasn’t won a fight since 2018, and with that comes shaken confidence. Always a brawler, Stephens will face an opponent who can crack Klose, but he can take the path of least resistance instead of throwing hands with a knockout artist touted as “Lil ‘Heathen”. If Stephens can keep this fight standing, he will have the advantage, but Klose can rack up some control time with the best of them with his wrestling chops.

It took virtually a Herculean effort to keep Stephens away from strikes over the years. Yves Edwards split his chin for the first time in 2012 with a brutal counter-right; Jose Aldo bypassed him with a body kick and follow-up punches in 2018; and Calvin Kattar put out the lights with terrifying elbows in Stephens’ last fight. Klose hasn’t shown he has quite that punching power, although on his last outing he badly injured Beneil Dariush before the Kings MMA rep rallied and throws Klose with a left hand. deadly. Other than that strike, Klose had never been finished, but Stephens will definitely put his chin to the test. In what could become a matter of what Stephens left in the tank, “Lil ‘Heathen” combat mileage is quickly catching up to him, even at just 34 years old. Klose has the ability to make the most of Stephens out of his brawls by threatening and landing multiple times. It is this grapple aspect that gives a slight advantage to the slight outsider, but he will have to keep his head on a swivel. Stephens won’t come down easily.

The stat of the week recently discussed how Jim Miller holds the UFC record for most fights with 37. It may be surprising to some that even though Arlovski left the UFC from 2008 to 2014, he holds by far the UFC heavyweight record with appearances at 35. The first champion, who has transformed his game more times than most, has settled into a role of an effective boxer who can counter and give a break to his enemies, but he does not keep the destructive power of the past. As such, his last six victories dating from 2015 are recorded on the scoreboards. The Belarusian faces a much younger opponent who prefers to knock out or be knocked out, as Chase Sherman has seen 18 of his 21 fights end in knockouts. Precise and efficient boxing should make the difference for the former champion, as long as he doesn’t get caught.

After leaving the UFC, “The Vanilla Gorilla” joined the bareknuckle circuit with an exciting battle with Sam Shewmaker. Taking the title from Arnold Adams in his next fight, he suffered a subsequent loss to Joey Beltran in 2019. Unfortunately for Sherman, he was largely ruled out in two of those three matches – in a sport that exclusively uses boxing and does not allow kicking in the legs. or elbows. He has quick hands and displays clubbing power if not a single hitter, as his finishes have largely come in MMA from a buildup of damage. The old Arlovsky would feast on the defense against the Mississippi native’s withdrawal, but it’s been a few years since Arlovski landed one. Instead, in what should be a largely standing affair, Arlovski’s sharper strike can make the difference. As an added bonus, Fight Goes to Decision at -135 is perfectly acceptable, unless you think Sherman is going to break his chin. Sherman wins by TKO / KO is a solid +255 if you expect that to happen.

In what should be a powerful match of strength against power, Espino will face unbeaten Alexander Romanov in a battle between two heavyweights on the rise. Thanks to Romanov’s undefeated career, all of his career fights ended within the distance. Romanov can often perform so-called “big man” submissions, like the forearm choke or neck crank, where he is just looking to blast his enemy’s head like a pez dispenser. His play is pretty reckless, and “King Kong” nearly gasped in his promotional debut against Roque Martinez after spamming high-amplitude suplexes and slams. Although he has ragdolled his opponent, there is a level of competition that he will reach where it no longer works. Espino should turn out to be that foil. As Senegalese laamb wrestling champion – the famous “Reug Reug” Oumar Kane is another practitioner of the art – he has the ability to turn the tide on his powerful enemy.

Espino is also part of the ‘big man’ submissive skills, although he can also line up straight cuffs and roll for chokes. His return for the first time since his victory in Season 28 of “The Ultimate Fighter” – the season Whittaker and Gastelum trained – saw him slam a scarf on Jeff Hughes where he threw Hughes like a toy before get the tap. Both men have had the luxury of facing men where their struggle is far superior, so that they can largely get through them. It can be a shock when one grabs the other and can’t throw them like a sack of potatoes because the other is able to gain a foothold and counter the position. Romanov has several advantages in this contest. He’s 10 years younger, will likely have a slight weight advantage, but he’s raw but comically strong. With this level of explosiveness on display, Espino has historically shown that he can fight in deep water in a way Romanov has yet to do. The cage floor will be strained when these two heavyweights rumble, and the specially trained wrestler should have the advantage.


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