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Brendan Loughnane: MMA fighter gears up for $1m PFL final

The featherweight fighter hopes winning the PFL World Championship in New York will put him alongside football stars from Manchester United or the city’s famous title-winning boxers.

Manchester MMA fighter Brendan Loughnane has said he hopes to write his name among the roll call of sports superstars in town as he prepares to step into the cage and fight for $1million.

The featherweight takes on American Bubba Jenkins at the PFL World Championships at New York’s Madison Square Garden on November 25.

Ahead of the championship fight, Brendan said he wanted to be considered alongside Manchester United football stars and belt-winning boxers in the roll call of the famously sporting Mancunians. The fight is the culmination of the final season of the Professional Fighters League (PFL), which differs from other MMA promotions by having a regular season followed by playoffs and a final to determine the champion in each weight division for that year.

What did Brendan Loughnane say about potentially bringing a title back to Manchester?

Brendan, who has a professional MMA record of 24 wins and four losses and has never been knocked out or submitted, is making his first appearance at the PFL World Championships after losing in the semifinals last year.

Brendan Loughnane celebrates his win over Chris Wade at PFL 9 at the Copper Box Arena. Photo: Cooper Neill/PFL

His chance to fight for $1million comes at a time when British MMA is riding the crest of a wave, with Birmingham’s Leon Edwards recently winning the UFC welterweight belt to become only England’s second biggest promotion champion in the sport after Michael Bisping of Clitheroe.

Brendan said he was thrilled to be part of a major period of growth for the sport, but also wanted to be thought of alongside other illustrious names from his hometown, such as football and boxing. Il a dit: «Je crois que ce combat me mettra là-haut avec ces noms[EdwardsetBisping}ÀManchesterjeveuxaussimemettreauxcôtésdesRashforddesLingarddeRickyHattondeTysonFuryCesontlesnomsaveclesquelsjeveuxêtreetjepensequegagnercelamemettralà-bas[EdwardsandBisping}InManchesterIalsowanttoputmyselfalongsidetheRashfordstheLingardsRickyHattonTysonFuryThosearethenamesIwanttobealongsideandIbelievewinningthiswillputmethere[EdwardsetBisping}ÀManchesterjeveuxaussimemettreauxcôtésdesRashforddesLingarddeRickyHattondeTysonFuryCesontlesnomsaveclesquelsjeveuxêtreetjepensequegagnercelamemettralà-bas[EdwardsandBisping}InManchesterIalsowanttoputmyselfalongsidetheRashfordstheLingardsRickyHattonTysonFuryThosearethenamesIwanttobealongsideandIbelievewinningthiswillputmethere

“We are finally getting the accolades we deserve in the UK. I always knew how good we were. I believe I’m one of the best 145lbs on planet earth and I’m going to be taken a lot more seriously once I finally get that belt.

Brendan is currently preparing for the title fight in Thailand and has the likes of Liverpool’s Darren Till, who is signed to the UFC, in his training camp to help him prepare.

He said: “We have all the Scousers and all the Mancs. I am surrounded by positive energy. I’ve been coming to Thailand for 10 years now, it’s an amazing environment for fighters with amazing training partners. I eat, sleep and train and that’s all I do.

What did Brendan Loughnane say about his fight at the PFL World Championships?

Brendan’s showdown for the featherweight belt with Bubba Jenkins is a highly anticipated matchup, a classic clash of styles with a striker taking on a wrestler.

He comes into it after an impressive and emphatic win over another highly rated wrestler in the form of top seed Chris Wade at the Copper Box Arena in London and says he is keen to show just how good he is once again. on the part of the wrestlers. sport during the 25 minutes of the five rounds of the championship bout.

He also spoke of the respect and sympathy there is between him and Bubba even as they prepare to face off for one of the biggest titles in their sport.

Brendan Loughnane fights Chris Wade en route to the PFL World Championships. Photo: Cooper Neill/PFL

Brendan said: “I like the guy, I’m happy to fight him and I’m thrilled we’re both in the finals where we belong. We both failed last year, but we’re in the final now. It’s great for the fans and it’s great for us.

“I once fought a friend in Mike Wilkinson. I had the rematch with him for the UFC loss, knocked him out in the first round and we’re still friends to this day. The cage door closes but it will open and when it does we will be cool again.

“I’m in a great mood right now. I am in the best place of my life physically, mentally and spiritually. I had a healthy Chris Wade side and a healthy Brendan is a very dangerous Brendan. I’m ready to take this belt. I am advancing towards my goal and I will not be stopped.