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Boyka by Scott Adkins has fought in the movies undisputed

Yuri Boyka faced many opponents in the ring throughout the Undisputed franchise. After the release of the first film in 2002, Scott Adkins saved the young Undisputed frankness with his performance as Yuri Boyka in Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing. The sequel also softly rebooted the franchise from the original’s boxing focus. Undisputed in mixed martial arts (MMA). Far from just being a highly skilled fighter, Boyka believes his talent is divinely granted. In Undisputed 3: Redemptionthe character says:God gave me a gift, just one. I am the most complete fighter in the world.”


By performing three of the four Undisputed movies, Scott Adkins’ Boyka has had many MMA fights in the ring against opponents from varying backgrounds and with different strengths. His few minor fights outside the ring have all been against unnamed and quickly defeated henchmen, guards or less skilled foes, but his rivals in his MMA bouts have given Boyka some real challenges. Here are all the opponents Yuri Boyka has faced in the Undisputed martial arts film series.

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Arkady Davic

Yuri Boyka’s intro fight in Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing sees him take on Arkady Davic (Silvio Simac) in the ring. Davic proves to be a powerful opponent with his fast Tae Kwon Do punching skills. Despite Davic’s best efforts, Boyka makes a harsh rebuttal with his victory in their fight.

Second opponent of Undisputed 2

Yuri Boyka’s second opponent in Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing is unnamed, but he is played by stuntman and martial artist Trayan Milenov-Troy. It’s another quick win for Boyka, who clearly sees the fight as little more than an obstacle on his way to fighting George “Iceman” Chambers. As the former heavyweight boxing champion watches the match, Boyka insists on challenging Chambers at the end of the fight.

George “Iceman” Rooms

Yuri Boyka’s main rival in Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing is George “Iceman” Chambers (Michael Jai White), who loses his first game. But he later finds out that he was drugged without his or Boyka’s knowledge. Both fighters insist on a rematch, with the former Iceman learning different martial arts techniques from fellow inmate Crot (Eli Danker). This ends up tipping the scales for Chambers, who wins the second fight and leaves Boyka with a broken right knee.


As Boyka heals his knee enough to compete in the ring again in Undisputed 3: Redemption, he arrives to challenge the fighter Sykov (Esteban Cueto). Boyka says defiantly:You are not the real champion here“, and has a chance to face Sykov in the ring. Boyka easily defeats Sykov and earns his place in the Tournament of International Prison Fighters.

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John Dupont

Yuri Boyka’s first game in the prison tournament in Undisputed 3: Redemption pits him against Jean Dupont (Trayan Milenov-Troy), a French prisoner also competing for his freedom. Dupont fights well, but Boyka emerges victorious nonetheless.


Yuri Boyka develops a rivalry with fellow countryman Turbo (Mykel Shannon Jenkins), and the two briefly fight while working at a rock quarry. Eventually, however, Boyka and Turbo team up in Undisputed 3 to help each other escape. Although they never fight in the ring, the two characters part ways with the promise that they will eventually fight.

Rodrigue Silva

Yuri Boyka’s second fight in the tournament is against Brazilian capoeira fighter Rodrigo Silva, played in Undisputed 3: Redemption by real capoeira expert Lateef Crowder dos Santos. This fight is the first where Boyka’s bad knee causes a bit of a problem after Silva had him with a scissor takedown. Nonetheless, Boyka ultimately won the match, congratulating Silva on a “nice fight.”


Raul Quinones, aka Dolor (Marko Zaror), is handpicked as the favorite of the tournament organizers in their efforts to rig the competition. Dolor is about to beat Boyka in Undisputed 3: Redemption after putting him in a leg lock and twisting his bad knee. However, Boyka rallies and breaks Dolor’s shin. With countless great fights in the franchise, Bokya and Dolor have the best Undisputed strong test.

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Boyka: first undisputed opponent

At the opening of Boyka: Undisputed, the main character is free from prison and takes part in underground fights in Ukraine. The film kicks off with one such fight, with Boyka defeating his unnamed opponent and continuing his impressive MMA fight record.


Yuri Boyka is about to land a spot in a major MMA tournament when he takes on Viktor (Emilien De Falco) in Boyka: Undisputed. Although Boyka wins, the victory is tragic as Viktor dies from the beatings. This leads to Boyka returning to Russia to participate in a series of fights to free Viktor’s widow, Alma (Teodora Duhovnikova), from her financial imprisonment under mob boss Zurab (Alon Moni Abutbul). With Boyka still trying to shake off his villainous debut, he tells Alma “I come here to save myselffor his past misdeeds and accidental murder of Viktor while aiding him.

Boris Tarsov

The first battle to clean Alma’s slate in Boyka: Undisputed takes place in Zurab’s nightclub against Boris Tarsov, with Trayan Milenov-Troy once again returning to the frankness in the role. The fight is a relatively quick victory for Boyka, although Zurab’s right-hand man, Igor Kazmir (Brahim Achabbakhe), quickly reminds Boyka that they will face off in the ring soon enough.

The Ozerov brothers

Alma’s second freedom game in Boyka: Undisputed is a two-man fight against the Ozerov brothers, played by the film’s fight choreographer, Tim Man, and Jackie Chan Stunt Team member Andy Long Nguyen. Boyka takes a fair amount of punishment in the fight, including a nasty back kick, aggravating a back injury he suffered earlier. In the end, although the Ozerov brothers share Boyka’s knowledge of many styles of martial arts, he still manages to defeat them.

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Igor Kasmir

Boyka: UndisputedAlma’s third fight to free Alma is the one the main character actually wants. Igor Kazmir had expressed his eagerness to defeat the Boyka when the deal with Zurab was made and the film’s hero asked the mob boss “save that skunk for lastThe fight with Kazmir is fast and intense, with Boyka even throwing his famous “Guyver Kick” at his opponent and triumphing in the end.


Zurab’s wording in his agreement with Boyka includes the loophole that the latter must win three fights and “defeat my champion“, the towering mountain of muscle Koshmar (Martyn Ford). Zurab exercises the escape right after Boyka’s victory over Kazmir, and Koshmar throws the exhausted fighter all over the ring. Remembering that he is fighting for the freedom of ‘Alma, the main character of Boyka: Undisputed eventually rally and defeat Koshmar, knocking him out of the ring with his last ounce of strength.

Boyka’s mission to free Alma ends with his return to prison at the end of Boyka: Undisputed, but he still ends the film by re-entering the ring to continue his life as a fighter, though his next opponent is unseen. With many fans still eager to see the character return Undisputed 5 – Scott Adkins says a script has been written for the sequel – Surely Boyka’s return to the screen would bring a lot more tough opponents and great martial arts fights to the Undisputed franchise.

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