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Ben Askren didn’t ‘give a shit about the outcome’ in his fight with Jake Paul, found Triller entertainment ‘very unpleasant’

Ben Askren doesn’t hide his loss to Jake Paul, let alone allow this fight to change his demeanor no matter how it all turned out.

Last weekend at the Triller Fight Club pay-per-view, the retired UFC fighter suffered a brutal first-round knockout after Paul hit him with a right hand that put him on the Web. While Askren was able to get back on his feet, he was still shaken by the shot and the referee determined he couldn’t continue.

The stoppage came at 1:59 a.m. in the first round and while Askren is certainly not celebrating the result, he is also not going to apologize or pretend that the knockout is some kind of huge, life-changing moment for him.

“I’m disappointed,” Askren said on the ‘Steven Crowder Podcast. “I didn’t spend a lot of time on social media yesterday. I had some friends from high school, we played disc golf, we toasted, we had a blast. Some people don’t think I took it seriously. Here’s the thing – when I took the fight I said # 1 is for the money, # 2 I think it’s gonna be a good time. I used to mentor my friends in high school just for fun. I trained hard for 11 weeks. I haven’t missed any practice. It didn’t go my way

“We knew he had a good overhand right and I’m an idiot and I didn’t block him. My defense was a little too loose. Heard my coaches, both Tyron [Woodley] and [Mike] “Biggie” [Rhodes] were saying to stop reacting to his fakes and I didn’t. I paid the price. I think one of the things that really separates me from a lot of people, I could have very easily just sat on my couch and said ‘I don’t want to do this because there is a potential that I will be. uncomfortable. That would be the only reason I wouldn’t have done it. There is no other valid reason. I said I’m gonna do it, fuck it, I’m gonna do it.

As soon as the fight was over, Askren stepped out of the ring and made his way backstage with his coaches and his wife by his side.

According to Askren, he actually received feedback from fans who were upset that he was smiling after the fight, but he finds that reaction just ridiculous.

“People were overwhelmed to smile after with my wife,” Askren explained. “I told you all before taking this fight, I don’t care about the outcome. When I am there I will try to fight hard but at the end of the day on Monday I go back to podcasting and wrestling training and my wife said something funny to me and I laughed and people are angry about it?

“They really need to have a life and I think they’re trying to harness their own emotions on me.”

Beyond the fight itself, Askren also made the headlines of the most talked about events of the year as Triller – a social media platform of which rapper Snoop Dogg is one of the co-founders – produced a show for the ages that featured four professional boxing bouts. , commentary with appearances by comedian Pete Davidson and Oscar De La Hoya as well as musical performances by Justin Bieber, Ice Cube, Saweetie and Doja Cat.

The uncensored adult-themed showcase in sight even made Askren blush backstage as he noted on the show, tweeting “this is not kid-friendly entertainment.”

Askren even went so far as to berate the producer behind the show, Bert Marcus, when behind-the-scenes interviews were being conducted.

“You heard me scolding the owner of the business when they came into my locker room. It’s live on camera, ”Askren said. “Pete Davidson came over to interview me and behind the camera was, I believe, the executive producer of the show and I said ‘I have a lot of my wrestling kids watching this, my brother and I have five academies. , I can’t even imagine what their parents are thinking now.

“I feel so guilty that their parents have to either kick them out or explain to them what’s going on here.

Although he admits to being “a bit socially liberal,” even Askren was uncomfortable with some of the performances shown during Triller’s pay-per-view.

“The first fight was a DJ versus a boxer, which was really weird,” Askren said referring to the Joe Fournier versus Reykon fight that opened the show. “Yeah, but it took a very long time for the next fight to happen. Mostly musical performances and dancing.

“Maybe I’m the father of America, but I found the entertainment very unpleasant and I think everyone in my locker room felt the same.”

Objections aside, Askren took part in one of the most high-profile events of the year and he will likely reap the rewards with pay-per-view benefits on top of his $ 500,000 salary.