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Alliance Group and Urbanrise win the award

BANGALORE, India, June 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The 17th edition of the Greatest Brands & Leaders Awards 2021-10pmOsted by URS-AsiaOne, an international media house, has deemed Alliance Group and Urbanrise as a financially stable and disciplined company in the real estate sector. The prize was awarded to the Group for its commitment to a high degree of professionalism in the management of its finances, its financial stability and its financial discipline which corresponds to international standards.

The Group has set a benchmark in the real estate sector by prepaying most of its loans before their term and by adhering to strict financial discipline, Alliance Group and Urbanize has is known for setting very high standards in the real estate industry with its sound financial and ethical practices.

The financial discipline and financial track record of the company has ensured that Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), Kotak Realty Fund, Indostar, Reliance Capital, Westport Capital and many other funds trust the brand and have serially invested in their projects. This discipline has helped the company to prepay loan amounts before the loan term each time.

Commenting on the recognition, Mr. Manoj NamburuPresident, Alliance Group & Urbanise, said We are extremely pleased to have been recognized as a financially stable and disciplined company. The organization believes that financial discipline is the foundation on which a successful business can be built in perpetuity. From the outset, the organization adhered to frugal spending practices and strictly adhered to statutory accounting practices. The organization has always been proud to repay its financial institutions before the due date. Financial discipline is part of our organisation DNA and culture and we are proud of such rigorous discipline.”

The phenomenal success of the Group is due to its financial discipline, its commitment to its customers, the timely delivery of high quality housing and the transparency of its operations. With its innovative approach of providing “never before” amenities in all markets, the brand has set new benchmarks in the industry.

About the Alliance & Urbanize Group

The Alliance Group is South India Largest property developer that has delivered over 7,500 homes. The organization has 54 million square feet. under development and an additional 25 million square feet. of projects is in the planning stage, with a property portfolio of Rs. 33,000 crores. The organization is supported and funded by the world’s largest financial institutions.


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