Ablo allows users to explore the world through the eyes of the locals

Having an informal conversation with someone in a country that is not yours is something the world hasn’t been able to do in a while. However, talking to locals is the best way to get to know a country. This is exactly what Ablo had in mind when creating its new live streaming feature. Thanks to a “Live Guide Show”, users can share their country and culture in real time. The streamer, or “Live Guide” as Ablo calls them, becomes a virtual guide for viewers. During a Live Show, people can share their country’s best hot spots, show off their cuisine, fashion and culture, or just chat and connect with people from all over the world.

Explore the world while spending time with the locals

Users can virtually travel the world on Ablo and see what’s out there, right at the source. Streaming on Ablo is not a one-sided conversation. During a live guide broadcast, viewers can join the live broadcast and ask questions of the person broadcaster. It creates a super realistic atmosphere, as if the viewer is at the location of the live guide at the time. Ablo also removes any language barriers, because – like everywhere else in the app – Ablo translates the conversation live.

“People feel a strong urge to explore the world, to see what is out there, more than ever, and there is no better way to experience the world than by talking to the people. With our new Live Guide Show feature, we want people to express themselves, share their cultures with each other and share real stories. “, Joost roelandts – CEO

Infinite connections

The winner of “Best App of 2019” from Google Play has been downloaded by more than 29 million people worldwide, who can travel to 233 countries without ever leaving their homes. It’s safe to say there’s always someone to talk to on Ablo. The app has been particularly successful with people aged 18-24 or Gen Z adults.

It’s clear that Ablo brings together people who wouldn’t just meet on the street, helping to create an open world.

About Ablo

Ablo is a chat and video app that takes you all over the world. The app connects you with people of all nationalities and lets you speak in your own language, the app translates your conversations live. Ablo opens up your world.

To download the app, please visit https://ablo.live/.

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