MMA fighting styles

7 easy tips to win your MMA bets

Mixed martial arts, also known as MMA, is a combat sport in which two competitors strive for dominance by employing three general strategies: strikes, submission holds, and control. The rules allow for a variety of martial arts techniques, such as punches, kicks, chokes, joint locks, takedowns, and throws.

Typically, victory is achieved by knockout, submission (one fighter concedes victory to the other by tapping the mat or the opponent with their hand), or stoppage by the referee, fight doctor or a competitor’s corner.

MMA is also used to describe any style of modern martial arts that combines several sport-based martial arts techniques and theories. This is especially true for MMA styles that involve a combination of ground fighting, standing strikes, and takedowns. If you want your bets to be profitable, you should at least know some reliable tips. Below are some tips you need to know before throwing your money at MMA fights.

1. Consider a fighter’s personality, but don’t let it affect your judgment


Personality is one of the most complex aspects of mixed martial arts. Personality can influence a fighter’s tactics. A fighter with an aggressive personality can adopt a more aggressive fighting style. A more cautious and reluctant person may choose a strategy that complements their personality.

One can determine the personality of the fighter by observing the behavior of the fighter in training camp, what he says or does not say to the press before and after fights, and what he says about his opponents. A fighter should enter a match with confidence but not overconfidence. Overconfidence can be just as dangerous as lack of confidence.

MMA fighters are encouraged to project an exaggerated image of themselves, which makes it extremely difficult to determine a fighter’s level of self-confidence. As a result, it’s not uncommon to observe fighters who seem overconfident but are terrified of their upcoming match. Likewise, you may encounter fighters who seem submissive and reserved compared to showboats but much more assertive (and competent).

2. Avoid picking heavy favorites all the time

Heavy favorites often lack value unless a heavy favorite is included in a parlay bet. If you are an amateur bettor, it may seem logical to bet on the favorite fighter. However, betting on a heavy favorite that offers low odds is not worth the risk for a seasoned bettor.

Because they are aware that in Mixed Martial Arts all it takes is one lucky punch from an underdog to send the champion and your bankroll crashing to the mat, in conjunction with other bets you must betting on big favorites in a parlay bet.

3. Don’t always bet against the underdogs


It’s okay to go with the flow and go with the crowd supporting the favorites every time. In reality, however, the favorites don’t always win. If you want to win a sizable fortune by betting over the long haul, you will need to bet against the favorites at some point. Any day an underdog can score a massive upset, which if you place a bet can also net you a massive payout.

4. Understand their strengths and weaknesses

You can’t just bet on a fighter based on his track record or popularity. The majority of today’s fighters are well balanced and trained in various disciplines, but they each have their strengths and weaknesses. It is of utmost importance that you research the fighters you intend to bet on and against. It would be best if you understood their strengths and weaknesses to determine their value.

5. Buy before you drop


If you ever want to win at MMA betting on online sportsbooks such as, you need to develop the practice of online shopping. Because, unlike other sports betting, where odds on games vary little from one bookmaker to another, odds on fights differ significantly depending on where you look.

In reality, shopping online is your best bet for locating faulty lines. Once a given bettor posts odds on a significantly underrated fighter, the “sharps” will pounce on those odds. However, as more bets are placed on that fighter, the bettor will adjust the odds on the other fighter to induce bets on him.

6. Don’t neglect conditioning

The importance of conditioning for a given fight will depend on many factors, such as how quickly each fighter engages and how long their fights last.

Fighters who are generally aggressive and active in the early rounds can be a sign that they want to get it over with quickly. Although not a definitive sign, these types of fighters may have a low gas tank. A fighter who decides to play defensively and wait for their opponent to empty can score a win. So don’t overlook conditioning, especially if it’s for league games that have two extra rounds if he goes the distance.

Mental conditioning is also essential. Some fighters may have the physical stamina to endure a certain number of rounds in a fight, but they may experience mental fatigue after a certain point. Therefore, when analyzing a pair of fighters, you have to ask yourself if they have the physical and psychological stamina to last if the fight is likely to go on for a long time.

7. Age of Fighters


Age is one of the things to consider when trying to predict the outcome of a competition. Because the salary in MMA pales in comparison to the salaries athletes receive at the top levels of other sports, many athletes continue to compete well past their prime.

While this is unfortunate for the participants, it provides additional value for those betting. The damage fighters sustain throughout their careers accumulates, and chins that were once indestructible don’t become the biggest liability until a few years later.

Final Thoughts

Figure out which of the fighters has the best chance of winning based on their conditioning, fighting style, personality, and skill, and if you’re able, try to deduce how they’ll achieve that victory. It will be much easier for you to see through the hype and figure out who the real winners are if you follow MMA closely and are very dedicated to the sport.