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5 fighters who could enter UFC, Bellator with April wins

Image via CES MMA

Disk: 6-2
Age: 23
Weight class: Welterweight
Height: 5’10″
Place of birth:
Next fight:
April 1 vs. Justin Sumter (8-4) at CES MMA 66 in Hartford, Connecticut (UFC Fight Pass)

context: Like many other fighters, Billy Goff is rooted in his early days in wrestling. At age 8, Goff started wrestling and continued wrestling throughout. Despite some bigger collegiate wrestling offers, Goff opted to stay closer to home and attend community college. The lack of competition made Goff nervous. He started training again and the passion for combat sports competition became greater than ever. Goff thrived. Eventually he became an amateur. Soon after, he turned professional. Goff had mixed results at first, but history shows that even in his losses he was ahead of many fighters of a similar experience level. Coming off of back-to-back losses, Goff is currently on a four-fight winning streak that includes CES MMA and Cage Titans championship wins — and a Bellator victory over a member of the Gracie family.

Lean: Of course, his record may not jump out at you. But 6-2 doesn’t tell you everything. His two losses came early in his career. One was arrested on cuts. The other was a close decision loss to future “The Ultimate Fighter” competitor Kemran Lachinov, a badass, who was exponentially more experienced at the time. Since then, Goff has shown glimpses of greatness, mixed with the raw, unharvested talent that makes viewers think his potential ceiling is sky high. His offensive strike is powerful, especially his elbows. Defensively he can improve but his chin is solid. His grappling is strong, as are his mic skills. With a third New England title around his waist should he win at CES MMA 66, Goff could be a nifty addition to Dana White’s Contender Series in 2022.

In his own words“I think I’m ready for the next level already without this fight. It’s just a bonus. It just changes the way I enter. It makes my stock worth much more. I don’t think it affects where I go. I think I have already shown what I can do. I did it in an exciting way. I think I already did what I needed to be ready for the next level. Now, does that mean I’ll get there right away? Does that mean I’ll get there whenever I want? Not necessarily. I think it should, but things always turn out a certain way. So you never know.

“…If the UFC called me tomorrow and said, ‘Hey, do you want to fight Kamaru Usman?’ What am I going to say? ‘No’? Of course, I will say yes. Sometimes great opportunities arise and you need to be ready to take them even when the situation isn’t perfect. I think taking this fight on seven days notice, moving up a weight class, that’s the shit Dana White likes to see.

“…I think I’m going to be the best in the world. I’m not at my peak. I’m not as good as I’m going to be. But I know I will be the best. I say. I watched the UFC guys and I know I can beat them. It’s not like, ‘Oh, man. They are so far from me. I have to improve. It’s like, ‘No, I’m going to improve and then be a lot better than them.’ I know I can beat them.