XFN Czech Republic vs. China: Clash of Titans!

XFN Czech Republic vs. China: Clash of Titans!

On Thursday, April 19, Prague’s Královka Hall will once again turn into a battlefield. This time, however, there will not be a cage in the middle of the arena, but a ring. The XFN has prepared a total of ten Czech-Chinese duels under the K-1 rules, featuring the wrestling elite of the Czech Republic. In addition to these international duels, fans are waiting for a long-awaited superfight between Luboš Rauzer and Michal Reissinger.


The main pre-match of the whole card is provided by one of the greatest legends of the Czech fight scene, Jiří “White Tiger” Žák. The pupil has already done a lot of his career, under Peter Machacek he has played nearly 100 battles and has reached several titles. This is perhaps the biggest success in the boxing of the most prestigious WMC world champion. But there is another challenge ahead of him, and this is the Chinese Zhou Wei. An Asian warrior nicknamed Kanon is struggling with the Glory organization, where he has scored one scalp in the middle scale and that’s Andre Walker. Jirka recognizes the qualities of his opponent, but he still believes:

“I’m waiting for a match at XFN Czech Republic vs. China, where there will be a ratio of forces and qualities between Czech and Chinese fighters. My opponent is named Zhou Wei and we go to a weight of 88kg. As far as the rival is concerned, there was not much video to watch, but according to one where he had a match on Glory, I did some study. Depending on this, preparations were made, especially on the inverted fence, which the opponent had, and his pressure mainly in boxing combinations. My preparation took place in Hanuman under the guidance of Petr Machacek and Zoran Pesic, with whom we focused mainly on the box. At the Chomutov Gym, I worked with the whole team. Only a few days left for the match, I feel great and ready to put everything into it! “

Jiří Žák vs. Zhou Wei

Lubos Raušer and Michal “Thumb” Reissinger are the only Czech championship. Two former friends and sparring partners wrestled earlier under the colors of Hanuman in Prague. While Raušer stayed under coach Petr Macháčkem, Reissinger decided to change the club and went to Spejbl Gymu. Under Ondrej Hutník and Michal Vančura, he gained experience and worked out as one of the best fighters in the Czech Republic. And now it is time for former colleagues to measure strength and find out which one is better.

However, according to Luboš Rauser, it is not a struggle:

“My point is that I have never been to a fight with Michael Reissinger. He has been offered to me for several reasons, so I took him when he and the audience stand there. Michal is a hard opponent, and it’s no good for me, moreover, in connection with being a friend of mine. So, so. But everyone arrive on April 19, it will be a war and a big show. “

Raušer claims he did not want this fight, but Michal Reissinger does not agree. In addition, he sends his opponent a sharp message:

“I have to laugh at how the rival with the whole team is constantly shuffling because they did not care about the match, I’m not a rival for them, and so on. Luboš Raušer continues to keep his titles, but he has had two matches in the last year, one of which, for sure, with Michal Blawdziewicz, whom I knocked on Yangames two years ago. All their attitude makes me more and more motivated to defeat Luboš. The match will have a charge not only for me but also for Hanuman. Against Machachek’s team, traitors Ondřej “Spejbl” Hutník with Michal “Mikeš” Vančura will become traitors. What’s more? This is not just about me and Luban. He wants to make more people like this game. And I’ll let one message for Luban the World Champion: “I remember telling you that I’m the one on your ride for one lap, so we’ll see on Thursday.” “

Source @facebook by Michael Reissinger

Michal Reissinger vs. Luboš Raušer

In addition to big names, young and talented fighters are also coming from XFN. These include Jan Rudolf, Tadeáš Růžička or Václav Sivák. The last-named Ostrava fighter is becoming more and more prominent in the kickbox. In his eighteen years he has already held several bands and one of his greatest successes is the European champion WAKO title in 2017. Now, Sivák has the opportunity to show himself in Prague on a huge tournament. In preparation for Fanga Feidu, he left nothing to chance and headed for concentration in Belarus, where he coached alongside one of the biggest kickboxers of the present Chingize Allazov:

“I’m waiting for an experienced older rival who owns two belts of the Chinese WLF. Only the world’s top will compete, so the opponent will be good enough. But with the team, we were well prepared. Last week I was in concentration camp in Belarus, I trained in Gridin Gymu and I feel ready. I’m glad I got the chance to fight this gala evening and look forward to the war. “