The OKTAGON pyramid semifinal is here, the Kozma vs. Boráros?


The climax of the OKTAGON MMA Welter Pyramid is approaching. In spite of considerable losses, whether due to injuries or other reasons, the semi-final four was engraved in a fan-appealing form.

Gábor Boráros (15-5-1) Jaroslav Číňan Poborský (52-47-1)

One of the most famous names of the Czechoslovak fighting scene and the champion of the first series of the OKTAGON Challenge, Gábor Boráros, was invited to the semifinals by a legend and rekordman Jaroslav “Číňan” Poborský, who was not afraid of what many home fighters eschewed.


According to the odds, but probably as expected, the Slovak Boráros is a favorite as a favorite, but if we should not underestimate anyone, so the Poborský. He said about the OKTAGON title after winning the favored František Fodor, when he proved that if he is in any way, he can adequately prepare and win. The role of the outsider is therefore no stranger to him, as is the match in front of the arena, which supports the domestic side of the crushing part.


David Kozma (22-10) vs. Máté Kertesz (5-0)

The second semi-final match of the pyramid will offer a duel of elite young boys! On one hand, the undefeated Máté Kertesz (5-0), who had only one match and a spectacular victory over Lukáš Pajtina from OKTAGON 6 to win the Czechoslovak audience.

On the other hand, well-known David Kozma (22-10). From the beginning, the biggest favorite to win the Welterweight title. Holder 19 ending before the limit has a great form. He has won 10 of the last 11 games, and under OKTAGON he has destroyed all three opponents in the first rounds.


“Kertesz will not be so good at me. In Bratislava I will see my 4th finish before the limit and this time it will be in the first round. I want to be ready to prepare for the title match, so I do not want to beat for 15 minutes, “he says confidently before the Kozma match.

Will the Kozma favored words confirm and how the final pair will eventually crystallize on November 17. On the jubilee tenth tournament, will the organization match the dream title?

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