Summary of the second episode of the third series shows OKTAGON Challenge

First duel sounds

If you remember well, you know that the first series of games usually decide on a lot of things. Both the winner of the first – Gábor Boráros – and the second series – Pirate Krištofič – came to the Finale itself. The third series was successfully launched by Slovak fighter Karol Ryšavý , when technically knocked Tomas Le Sy in a spectacularly attractive battle.


“The boys started a third series of famed performances.” – Pirate Krištofič, the second series champion of Oktagon Challenges

“There is a lot to me about Tomas because I know he’s doing the best. The match was great, but unfortunately it did not happen … ” – Miloš Petrášek, coach of the Czech team and Oktagonu wrestler

“I already knew it was very bad. I wound up hard wounds, and I knew it might come to an end at any moment. I said I would not give up. Sometimes it did, but for the third time no longer. ” – Tomáš Linh Le Sy, the Czech team

“Both deserve respect from viewers and they have it from me. The Slovak team has won and we will see how the Czechs deal with it. It’s 1: 0 for Slovakia. ” – Pavol Neruda, promoter of OKTAGON

The cards have been dealt and, as in the past year, the Slovak team has started successfully.

With the words : “MMA is the royal martial arts discipline to succeed, you have to learn a myriad of skills, understand your body, move and work perfectly with imagination,” said promoter Ondřej Novotný, team challenge of the second episode. The crew of the two teams moved from the gym somewhere where they are not used at all – in the painter’s studios.

The task was clear, but for many, it was harder than it seemed at first glance. Take a pencil in your hand and draw on the canvas how best to draw a naked woman, of course, according to a living pattern. After the first barrier, the Czech team, and especially Aziz Dauliatov and Tomáš Le Sy, had the best task. The judges of the competition were the coaches of the Slovak team. They were chosen by Azize Dauliatov for the winning and therefore the most determined layout, which was the only one in the hands of Czech coaches, Michal Martinek and Miloš Petrášek .

They have chosen after a minor meeting and, as is popularly speaking, what Aziz “drew” is also rebellious.

“With Omar, it could be a good shootout and a decent game,” said Petrasek, and so it happened.

Azize Dauliat will be Omar Ahmad for the second quarter.

“He will feel in the match that I did not come back to him just because he has a better record on paper. He is afraid he will think how I can only box and nothing on the ground. “The former professional boxer Omar Ahmad is clear after the match.

Drily, drily and again drily

The team challenge is past, the cards are dealt and they are trained again. In the Czech team, again, they are in dispute. After Tomas did not help in the first part of the game, Jakub Dohnal refused to participate in the training and assistance in preparation for his team mate before the second match.

During Omar’s training, Omar had an old knee injury and did not look much like that. Chance, however, is only one and nothing can be done. The Slovak tough guy took it from the training directly to the pharmacy, provided medicine, wrapped his ankle around his eye and went to the weigh.

Pre-match tactics were clear, especially from the Czech team. On fast and hard boxing hands Omar use the clever and accurate kicks of a more comprehensive Azize.


The first round of the match brought a fairly balanced battle, which was reminiscent of a roller coaster. Once upon a time, and then again. But greater control of the match was held by the Dauliat.

In a similar rhythm was the second round that took place in the attitude. As time passed, Aziz gained self-confidence, which increased as Omar’s legs grew more and more. It slowly but surely slowed its movement and made it more active.

In spite of the fighting, Omara and all the pains were more successful in striking Aziz, who scored 1: 1 with a victory!

“I feel great, I won even though it was not entirely according to my idea, I hoped to turn it off in the first round and finish it on points. Do not mind winning at home! ” Ends second part Aziz Dauliatov!

In the second quarter quarter match Aziz Dualiatov wins 3: 0.

The final of the third round of the OKTAGON Challenge will take place on 17 November at the OKTAGON 10 in the O2 arena. Tickets TICKETPORTAL .