ŠKVOR vs. Maybe already tomorrow!

ŠKVOR vs. Maybe already tomorrow!

A spirited Czech-Slovak duel will be held tomorrow in Rotterdam on Glory 51. Debutant Daniel Škvor will invite Slovakian fighter Tomas Poten in the main pre-match of the whole gala dinner. As the biggest star, then, legendary, Badr Hari will compete with Hesdy Gerges.

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Only one day is left in the prestigious duel of the Glory Tournament. Prestigious will be mainly for Czech and Slovak spectators, because on one card, the Czech and Slovak wrestlers will be presented for the first time in history. In this case, Czechs and Slovaks will face each other, in the main pre-championship of the most famous kickboxing organization in the world.

Daniel Škvor is on the winning wave, winning the WAKO PRO world championship title and thanks to these results, he is given the opportunity to look into Glory, where WKU World and European Champion Tomas Pose will welcome him. That’s 1-1 at this time. In April 2016 he defeated Cihada Kepenek and in 2017 he lost to points with Jhonath Diniz. Even before his debut, Škvor told us the impressions of the preparation and the environment of Glory:

” The training has traditionally taken place in the Netherlands, I still have the same team of people around me, everyone can do something, and then I just want to put it together. Overall, Glory looks good about us, I have never seen anything like that anywhere. I got a sports bag, clothes, big dieting, and so on. Overall organization super, it’s another level. I look forward to the match just like any other, but the real explosion always comes when I stand in the ring. Tomas Maybe well known, we even trained together. She will definitely be in good shape, and it will not be easy. “

The huge draw is the main match of the evening, where one of the most famous and also the most discerned names of the kickboxer world Badr Hari will be introduced. He has already had one duel in Glory, and in December 2016 he played with heavyweight champion Ric Verhoeven, with whom he lost technical KO. Former heavyweight champion K-1, Showtime and finalist K-1 Grand Prix will face dangerous Hussy Gerges. Both of them met in the ring once, in Showtime in 2010, Hari knocked their opponent, but then came one of his “famous” blinkers, kicking lying Gerges and being disqualified, so the victory fell against the opponents.

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The next debut that is experienced by Mohammed “The Destroyer” Jaraya is definitely worth seeing. Originally a Moroccan wrestler is a former Enfusion champion, he has an aggressive style, is constantly pushing forward and his bouts are definitely not boring. His first hurdle in the new venue will be Miles Simson.