Owen Roddy: Conor is well prepared, Nurmagomed may have weight problems

Owen Roddy: Conor is well prepared, Nurmagomed may have weight problems

The fight of the year is fast approaching. Already on Saturday, we will recognize the winner of one of the most anticipated duels of history. Conor’s attitude coach – Owen Roddy – also brings his point of view.

Not only frequent injuries, but also unpleasant slamming are Khabiba Nurmagomed’s biggest rivals. Owen Roddy is concerned about the frequent problems of the Russian champion in meeting the weight limit, and Conor’s camp is worried now.

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“It’s a little worrying about us because it has happened a few times in the past. On the other hand, we do not look at what we can not influence. We concentrate only on what is beyond our control, we leave it to be. We do not know how it happens, anything can happen. “

Roddy returned to UFC 189 when Alda replaced Chad Mendes a few weeks before the duel.

“We experienced it a few years ago with Ald, when the change came at the last minute. The change of opponent did not affect us. In the training we only made a few minor adjustments and did what we needed in the match. Anything can happen in combat sports, so we focus only on what we can influence ourselves. We are preparing Conora to concentrate on his return to the cage and to do what he can best – winning. “

Many claim that a longer pause may have some influence on McGregor. He spent more on commercial activities and spending money than on training. Roddy disagrees with this and says Conor is a better fighter than two years ago.

“It’s the same as usual. Cold, quiet, calculating and intelligent. When he’s in the cage, he’ll know exactly what to do. Everything is as it should be. Conor has greatly improved his hands, are much sharper. He never stopped practicing wrestling and jiu-jitsu. He did not fight for two years, but he did not stop improving. He is a much better fighter with the same mentality. It is in the best form and I am glad to return to the octagon. “

Fight Week is here. We will see open training sessions, a newsletter with fans and many analyzes and interviews. Owen Roddy is one of the closest members of Conor’s team, and he knows best how McGregor is going to play.