LUCERNA Professional Boxing Gala and K-1 – RESULTS


LUCERNA Professional Boxing Gala and K-1 – RESULTS

Two title matches, two victories of orthodox boxers. Both David Bauza and Miroslav Šerban mastered their duels and became champions of the republic. The third match between Daniel Vítovec and Vladimír Idrányi decided to extraround, after which the Slovak champion was rejoicing.

Zdroj @Galavečer profesionálního boxu a K-1

On the main card eventually, the audience saw only ten games because David Hoška was unable to find an opponent. There was only one match left before the limit, so the organizers were able to prepare for the crowd a maximum match list.

Vladimir Říha vs. David Bauza – winner of Bauza for points
The main match of the evening ended with the smallest possible difference of 2: 1 points. The winner was David Bauza, who can rejoice in the gain of the belt for the champion of the Republic, weighing up to 72.5 kg.

Daniel Vítovec vs. Vladimir Idrányi – the winner of the Idrányi for points after an extraroundu
Daniel Vítovec and Vladimir Idrányi showed the best and probably the best match of the whole evening in K-1. In the end, the equalized battle was dominated by the extranet, Idrányi 2: 1 on points.

“I would like to thank all my fans. But Daniel’s greatest thanks, this game was a “spike” and I’m glad we made such a nice show for the audience. I was ready for it to be hard today, but then? Hats down, ” says Idrányi.

Jan Holec vs. Miroslav Šerban – Šerban winner for points
Also in the second title was a more experienced boxer, Miroslav Šerban. He won the points and became the champion of the Republic at a weight of 63.5 kg.

Viktor Pavlíček vs. David Vinš – winner Vinš KO
The MMA wrestler and fighter K-1 eventually stood up, in K-1 the more vicious, David Vinš. The opponent knocked a beautiful kick from the turn and scored a single KO all evening.

Other Results:

Jiří Apeltauer vs. Martin Čermák – Apeltauer nbd.

Daniel Vencl vs. Jakub Synek – Synek nbd.

Daniel Brunlik vs. Jan Greisiger – Greisiger nbd.

Jan Rudolf vs. Tomáš Drábik – Rudolf nbd.

Michal Dufek vs. Maurycy Gojko – Draw

Josef Vít vs. Jakub Mírek – Vít nbd.