Already this Sunday, another GCF tournament will take place and this time it will be in Poděbrady under the baton of the home club, which also organizes the tournament.
The tournament will offer 12 games, and especially the last three, then will present the champions from the wider home team when two of them will fight to advance to the final of the pyramid weighing up to 70kg.

The main match will be the home Vávra, which will deal with Lebduška. Lebduška had already gone for the GCF title, or did not play and so in the match with Kuznik eventually did not have the chance to win the title. Lebduška i Vávra belongs to the great talents, but this has not been so much different for recent reasons.
Vávra (8-1) has 3 games in 3 years and although all winners, it certainly does not give us a picture of what its duel with Lebduška can be. The last game a year ago is very little to estimate.
Lebduška is actually just the same with the fact that 2 of the last 3 games lost. They both have great talent everybody knows. Vavra works more reliably, Lebduška again when he has a day, so he looks like someone who could beat anyone. The match should definitely be attractive.

In the second pair, Poborský, who is already heading to 100 matches, is clearly more active and more experienced. Both have already played title matches and it’s just a shame that it’s not for 5×5 minutes. Favorite is looking hard here. But if Poborský is well prepared for weight, Kuznik is waiting for a very difficult obstacle!

Very interesting is also the duel of Kotalík, who crossed to Okaton Langera and now has Těšík against him, who managed to tease Šolka in Brno and is not his wrestling record plus, so it definitely does not indicate his abilities.

Great matches will certainly be another, headed by the medium weight Lungrik vs Broz, will be introduced to the junior junior, or until recently thaiboxer Brunclík.

The tournament starts at 18h at the Nymburk Sports Center and the tickets can be obtained at ticketportal.cz The record is broadcast by O2tv / sport

12. GCF Lightweight Grand Prix 3x5min
Michal Lebduška vs. Vít Vávra
11. GCF Lightweight Grand Prix 3x5min
Jaroslav Poborsky vs. Matheus Kuzník
10. Light-heavyweight fight 3x5min
Michal Teshik vs Michal Kotalik
9. Middleweight fight 3x5min
Bohumil Lungrik vs Miroslav Broz
8. Middleweight fight 3x3min
Nikolas Kuban vs Jan Stehlik
7. Middleweight fight 3x3min
TBA vs. Daniel Brunclík
6. Lightweight fight 3x3min
Denis Poborsky vs. Tomas Kubis
5. Welterweight fight 3x3min
Jakub Dyk vs. Michal Beneš
4. Featherweight fight 3x3min
Martin Pršala vs Jan Kowalczuk
3. Heavyweight amateur fight 3x3min
TBA vs Jan Bartůněk
2. Featherweight fight amateurs 3x3min
Martin Simčo vs. Filip Korec