Fighting McGregor or Khabib? Former rivals have revealed what it is like

Fighting McGregor or Khabib? Former rivals have revealed what it is like

Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor have already faced a total of 18 opponents in the UFC. Only one of them could win. Nate Diaz, when he defeated McGregor in 2016 at the UFC 196. Nobody more. Which means that these two are not easy to beat and one of them will most likely win the weekend defeat.

ESPN interviewed several former rivals who gave their tips but also said what it was like to be against one or the other in the cage.

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Rafael Dos Anjos, fought with Khabib in 2014 and lost to points

“She has uncontrollable control. I felt he only focused on keeping me on the ground. After the match I did not have a single scar and immediately called the manager to have another match. Forty days later, I fought. “

“Of course he is a good wrestler. Conor just wrestles in a few months and defends him so do not learn. Khabib has taken all the land. “

Dustin Piorier, fought McGregor in 2015 and lost in the second round on TKO

“His timing is a completely different level. He places clinically accurate wounds in a different rhythm than the others. That’s why he should defeat Khabiba. He also has the ability to shake his jiu-jitsu back or to get back to his feet. His IQ fighter is unreal. And there’s so much more … “

“Of course, the longer the match will last, the more chances of Khabiba. But again, Khabib’s effectiveness will also be reduced and he may not get it on the ground. Hard to tip this game. I’m a little more inclined to McGregor’s side. “

Chad Mendes, fought McGregor in 2015 and lost in the second round to TKO

“Conor is a clever and great warrior. He has his own weaknesses, but by his own presentation, all his opponents will forget about them. This is really great for him. “

“When we were fighting, Conor was not the best wrestler. He did school mistakes. Anyway, Khabib is a bit different kind of wrestler than me. It’s not that explosive, and rather it’s trying to tighten slowly around the cage. That would not work for Conora. This match can happen anyway. “

Darrell Horcher, fought Khabib in 2016 and lost in the second round on TKO

“I do not think he’s extra strong. But when he got me to the ground, I could not move. Once Conor gets to the ground, it’s over. Conoruv wrestling is not the best, and Khabib is like another world. McGregor’s only chance is to keep it on the mountain and keep a distance. “

Michael Johnson, fought with Khabib in 2016 and lost in the third round on submission

“It was nothing crazy to see before. I was a bit afraid of his takedown and I did not feel good about the match. That fear lost to me. If I did not focus on it, it might look different. “

“The game can end in two ways. Either Khabib takes him to the ground, or Conor will stand and end in his attitude. “

Eddie Alvarez, fought with Conor in 2016 and lost in the second round at TKO

“His trashtalk has not made me think, I have been doing this sport for a long time. But what made me feel was the calm he’d come to fight with and how he fought. If you see him like this, as opposed to press releases, you say, that’s fine, there is no more danger, which is, of course, a mistake. And I recognized it for myself. “

“This hypnotizing goes awfully well. I thought everything was fine, suddenly two, and I was on the ground. He is able to strike the bumps well. As soon as I sent one, he had hit me for two. “

“Khabib is a great wrestler, but only until he realizes how fast Conor is. It will be a big factor in the whole game. If I had to judge the match he had with Iaquinta, I was inclined to join McGregor. He made a lot of mistakes in the game. Against Conor, one mistake, one hesitation, and it’s over. “

Al Iaquinta, fought with Khabib in 2018 and lost to points

“I’ll tell you something. Hundred percent. You will be surprised that Khabib is not just a crusher and he has a good attitude. Likewise, you will be surprised that Conor does not know it only in the attitude, but also on the ground. Everyone thinks it’s a one-sided one for everyone. In no case, both of them are among the best fighters in the world. “

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor will be held from Saturday to Sunday, the main card starts LIVE from 04:00 on Nova Sport. He or she is expecting the main match sometime around 6 am.