Conor McGregor reveals Plan B, if Khabib does not weight or not

Conor McGregor reveals Plan B, if Khabib does not weight or not

Probably the biggest match in the history of UFC is coming and Conor on this occasion begins to talk to journalists. He was the first to have his own web site, TheMacLife, where he went through a few things, and especially what happens if Khabib does not bother.

“I’m not here for the money. I have so much that I do not even waste it. I missed all this. Fighting as such I love and it’s my whole life. “

Khabib Nurmagomedov and his frequent health problems or weight problems are all well known. So what would happen if it was absent?

“The Ferguson co-main event with Pettis will be on the same tournament. Two months ago – when they announced their game – I was told that if Khabib had a weight or had any health problems, these two with a wipe of cough. Nothing against them, but they have nothing to offer. I had a plan to simply pull myself back and Khabiba get somewhere on the street … “

“Now, when there are a few days in the match and I am in full, I would fight with one of them and fight.”

Conor McGregor has already crossed the threshold for thirty years, and we all know that the MMA can not be done at all times at the highest level, so the question of what’s going to happen is right. If every two years a game of giant size or active as before the duel with Mayweather.

“All the time, the UFC scene, around my weight, I map and know about everything. I know he has a match in both MSG and Dustin and Nate. That is also a possibility. The title welter was recently defended by Tyron Woodley who wants me for a long time. Likewise, the game is scaring me with the GSP. I’m here and ready, let’s see what happens next. “

The plans for the future are great for us, the closest ones are but certain. On Thursday a press conference, Friday weighing and a Saturday match with Khabib Nurmagomed on UFC 229.