Conor McGregor reveals Plan B, if Khabib does not weight or not

Conor McGregor reveals Plan B, if Khabib does not weight or not

Probably the biggest match in the history of UFC is coming and Conor on this occasion begins to talk to journalists. He was the first to have his own web site, TheMacLife, where he went through a few things, and especially what happens if Khabib does not bother.

“I’m not here for the money. I have so much that I do not even waste it. I missed all this. Fighting as such I love and it’s my whole life. “

Khabib Nurmagomedov and his frequent health problems or weight problems are all well known. So what would happen if it was absent?

“The Ferguson co-main event with Pettis will be on the same tournament. Two months ago – when they announced their game – I was told that if Khabib had a weight or had any health problems, these two with a wipe of cough. Nothing against them, but they have nothing to offer. I had a plan to simply pull myself back and Khabiba get somewhere on the street … “

“Now, when there are a few days in the match and I am in full, I would fight with one of them and fight.”

Conor McGregor has already crossed the threshold for thirty years, and we all know that the MMA can not be done at all times at the highest level, so the question of what’s going to happen is right. If every two years a game of giant size or active as before the duel with Mayweather.

“All the time, the UFC scene, around my weight, I map and know about everything. I know he has a match in both MSG and Dustin and Nate. That is also a possibility. The title welter was recently defended by Tyron Woodley who wants me for a long time. Likewise, the game is scaring me with the GSP. I’m here and ready, let’s see what happens next. “

The plans for the future are great for us, the closest ones are but certain. On Thursday a press conference, Friday weighing and a Saturday match with Khabib Nurmagomed on UFC 229.


Summary of the second episode of the third series shows OKTAGON Challenge

First duel sounds

If you remember well, you know that the first series of games usually decide on a lot of things. Both the winner of the first – Gábor Boráros – and the second series – Pirate Krištofič – came to the Finale itself. The third series was successfully launched by Slovak fighter Karol Ryšavý , when technically knocked Tomas Le Sy in a spectacularly attractive battle.


“The boys started a third series of famed performances.” – Pirate Krištofič, the second series champion of Oktagon Challenges

“There is a lot to me about Tomas because I know he’s doing the best. The match was great, but unfortunately it did not happen … ” – Miloš Petrášek, coach of the Czech team and Oktagonu wrestler

“I already knew it was very bad. I wound up hard wounds, and I knew it might come to an end at any moment. I said I would not give up. Sometimes it did, but for the third time no longer. ” – Tomáš Linh Le Sy, the Czech team

“Both deserve respect from viewers and they have it from me. The Slovak team has won and we will see how the Czechs deal with it. It’s 1: 0 for Slovakia. ” – Pavol Neruda, promoter of OKTAGON

The cards have been dealt and, as in the past year, the Slovak team has started successfully.

With the words : “MMA is the royal martial arts discipline to succeed, you have to learn a myriad of skills, understand your body, move and work perfectly with imagination,” said promoter Ondřej Novotný, team challenge of the second episode. The crew of the two teams moved from the gym somewhere where they are not used at all – in the painter’s studios.

The task was clear, but for many, it was harder than it seemed at first glance. Take a pencil in your hand and draw on the canvas how best to draw a naked woman, of course, according to a living pattern. After the first barrier, the Czech team, and especially Aziz Dauliatov and Tomáš Le Sy, had the best task. The judges of the competition were the coaches of the Slovak team. They were chosen by Azize Dauliatov for the winning and therefore the most determined layout, which was the only one in the hands of Czech coaches, Michal Martinek and Miloš Petrášek .

They have chosen after a minor meeting and, as is popularly speaking, what Aziz “drew” is also rebellious.

“With Omar, it could be a good shootout and a decent game,” said Petrasek, and so it happened.

Azize Dauliat will be Omar Ahmad for the second quarter.

“He will feel in the match that I did not come back to him just because he has a better record on paper. He is afraid he will think how I can only box and nothing on the ground. “The former professional boxer Omar Ahmad is clear after the match.

Drily, drily and again drily

The team challenge is past, the cards are dealt and they are trained again. In the Czech team, again, they are in dispute. After Tomas did not help in the first part of the game, Jakub Dohnal refused to participate in the training and assistance in preparation for his team mate before the second match.

During Omar’s training, Omar had an old knee injury and did not look much like that. Chance, however, is only one and nothing can be done. The Slovak tough guy took it from the training directly to the pharmacy, provided medicine, wrapped his ankle around his eye and went to the weigh.

Pre-match tactics were clear, especially from the Czech team. On fast and hard boxing hands Omar use the clever and accurate kicks of a more comprehensive Azize.


The first round of the match brought a fairly balanced battle, which was reminiscent of a roller coaster. Once upon a time, and then again. But greater control of the match was held by the Dauliat.

In a similar rhythm was the second round that took place in the attitude. As time passed, Aziz gained self-confidence, which increased as Omar’s legs grew more and more. It slowly but surely slowed its movement and made it more active.

In spite of the fighting, Omara and all the pains were more successful in striking Aziz, who scored 1: 1 with a victory!

“I feel great, I won even though it was not entirely according to my idea, I hoped to turn it off in the first round and finish it on points. Do not mind winning at home! ” Ends second part Aziz Dauliatov!

In the second quarter quarter match Aziz Dualiatov wins 3: 0.

The final of the third round of the OKTAGON Challenge will take place on 17 November at the OKTAGON 10 in the O2 arena. Tickets TICKETPORTAL .


The OKTAGON pyramid semifinal is here, the Kozma vs. Boráros?


The climax of the OKTAGON MMA Welter Pyramid is approaching. In spite of considerable losses, whether due to injuries or other reasons, the semi-final four was engraved in a fan-appealing form.

Gábor Boráros (15-5-1) Jaroslav Číňan Poborský (52-47-1)

One of the most famous names of the Czechoslovak fighting scene and the champion of the first series of the OKTAGON Challenge, Gábor Boráros, was invited to the semifinals by a legend and rekordman Jaroslav “Číňan” Poborský, who was not afraid of what many home fighters eschewed.


According to the odds, but probably as expected, the Slovak Boráros is a favorite as a favorite, but if we should not underestimate anyone, so the Poborský. He said about the OKTAGON title after winning the favored František Fodor, when he proved that if he is in any way, he can adequately prepare and win. The role of the outsider is therefore no stranger to him, as is the match in front of the arena, which supports the domestic side of the crushing part.


David Kozma (22-10) vs. Máté Kertesz (5-0)

The second semi-final match of the pyramid will offer a duel of elite young boys! On one hand, the undefeated Máté Kertesz (5-0), who had only one match and a spectacular victory over Lukáš Pajtina from OKTAGON 6 to win the Czechoslovak audience.

On the other hand, well-known David Kozma (22-10). From the beginning, the biggest favorite to win the Welterweight title. Holder 19 ending before the limit has a great form. He has won 10 of the last 11 games, and under OKTAGON he has destroyed all three opponents in the first rounds.


“Kertesz will not be so good at me. In Bratislava I will see my 4th finish before the limit and this time it will be in the first round. I want to be ready to prepare for the title match, so I do not want to beat for 15 minutes, “he says confidently before the Kozma match.

Will the Kozma favored words confirm and how the final pair will eventually crystallize on November 17. On the jubilee tenth tournament, will the organization match the dream title?

OKTAGON 9 // 15. 9. // Tickets: TICKETPORTAL

LUCERNA Professional Boxing Gala and K-1 – RESULTS


LUCERNA Professional Boxing Gala and K-1 – RESULTS

Two title matches, two victories of orthodox boxers. Both David Bauza and Miroslav Šerban mastered their duels and became champions of the republic. The third match between Daniel Vítovec and Vladimír Idrányi decided to extraround, after which the Slovak champion was rejoicing.

Zdroj @Galavečer profesionálního boxu a K-1

On the main card eventually, the audience saw only ten games because David Hoška was unable to find an opponent. There was only one match left before the limit, so the organizers were able to prepare for the crowd a maximum match list.

Vladimir Říha vs. David Bauza – winner of Bauza for points
The main match of the evening ended with the smallest possible difference of 2: 1 points. The winner was David Bauza, who can rejoice in the gain of the belt for the champion of the Republic, weighing up to 72.5 kg.

Daniel Vítovec vs. Vladimir Idrányi – the winner of the Idrányi for points after an extraroundu
Daniel Vítovec and Vladimir Idrányi showed the best and probably the best match of the whole evening in K-1. In the end, the equalized battle was dominated by the extranet, Idrányi 2: 1 on points.

“I would like to thank all my fans. But Daniel’s greatest thanks, this game was a “spike” and I’m glad we made such a nice show for the audience. I was ready for it to be hard today, but then? Hats down, ” says Idrányi.

Jan Holec vs. Miroslav Šerban – Šerban winner for points
Also in the second title was a more experienced boxer, Miroslav Šerban. He won the points and became the champion of the Republic at a weight of 63.5 kg.

Viktor Pavlíček vs. David Vinš – winner Vinš KO
The MMA wrestler and fighter K-1 eventually stood up, in K-1 the more vicious, David Vinš. The opponent knocked a beautiful kick from the turn and scored a single KO all evening.

Other Results:

Jiří Apeltauer vs. Martin Čermák – Apeltauer nbd.

Daniel Vencl vs. Jakub Synek – Synek nbd.

Daniel Brunlik vs. Jan Greisiger – Greisiger nbd.

Jan Rudolf vs. Tomáš Drábik – Rudolf nbd.

Michal Dufek vs. Maurycy Gojko – Draw

Josef Vít vs. Jakub Mírek – Vít nbd.



UFC 229: Khabib vs. McGregor results

Conor Khabib results

BONUS: Game night – Ferguson vs. Pettis (both $ 50,000)

Evening Performance : Derrick Lewis, Aspen Ladd (both $ 50,000)

Khabib Nurmagomedov defeated Conor McGregor on the pod cage (neck crank) in Round 4

(madness after the match)

It’s over !! Khabib Nurmagomedov finishes Conor McGregor at # UFC229

– UFC Europe (@UFCEurope) October 7, 2018


Ahora intercambian !!! # UFC229

– UFC Español (@UFCEspanol) October 7, 2018


Relentless GnP from @TeamKhabib at # UFC229

– UFC Canada (@UFC_CA) October 7, 2018



– UFC (@ufc) October 7, 2018


Tony Ferguson defeated Anthony Pettis after the second round on TKO (broken arm)

OHHHHHH HUGE shot from Pettis hurts Ferguson !!! # UFC229 @ShowtimePettis

– UFC (@ufc) October 7, 2018


Strong close to the first round by The Boogeyman! @TonyFergusonXT # UFC229

– UFC (@ufc) October 7, 2018


Dominick Reyes defeats Ovine Saint Preux on points (KO)

The punch that sealed a dominant performance for @DomReyes ! # UFC229

– UFC (@ufc) October 7, 2018


Flurry of strikes! @DomReyes unloading at # UFC229 .

– UFC Canada (@UFC_CA) October 7, 2018


Derrick Lewis defeated Alexander Volkov at KO in 3rd round

Classic Derrick Lewis: Get thrashed early, then knock your opponent dead. # UFC229

– Tanuki Usman (@Hamderlei) October 7, 2018


The punch that set it all up .. @TheBeast_UFC # UFC229

– UFC (@ufc) October 7, 2018


Volkov landing some nasty body shots! # UFC229

– UFC (@ufc) October 7, 2018


Michelle Waterson defeated Felice Herrig on points

Front kick lands AGAIN! # UFC229 @KarateHottieMMA

– UFC (@ufc) October 7, 2018


Waterson lands the head kick, then goes to the ground and lands some nice elbows! @KarateHottieMMA # UFC229

– UFC (@ufc) October 7, 2018



Jussier Formiga def. Sergio Pettis on points (30-26, 29-28 x2)

Formiga gets the back in the 3rd round! # UFC229

– UFC (@ufc) October 7, 2018


Vicente Luque def. Jalin Turner at KO in Round 1

Even on short notice, Vicente Luque is one BAD DUDE!

– FOX Sports: UFC (@UFCONFOX) October 7, 2018


Aspen Ladd def. Tonya Evinger on TKO in v1. round

2 @UFC Fight, 2 TKOs. If you do not know who Aspen Ladd, you’re late!

– FOX Sports: UFC (@UFCONFOX) October 7, 2018


Scott Holtzman def. Alan Patrick on KO in 3rd round

After DEVASTATING elbows to the head, Scott Holtzman gets the TKO win!

– FOX Sports: UFC (@UFCONFOX) October 7, 2018


Yana Kunitskaya def. Lina Lansberg on points (30-27 x3)

Nik Lentz def. Gray Maynard on the TKO in the second round

2 ️⃣ fights, 2 ️⃣ head kick finishes! @NikLentz gets it done on @UFCFightPass ! # UFC229

– UFC (@ufc) October 6, 2018


Tony Martin def. Ryan LaFlare on TKo in the third round